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    Looking for a SFP+ card for my FreeNAS box

    INFO EDIT: I'm looking at getting a Brocade ICX6450-48P and upgrading my server and desktop to 10GbE. My server is a FreeNAS 11.3 box with PCIe2.0 x8 ports, and my desktop is a modern Windows 10 build. I'm trying to find a SFP+ NIC for my FreeNAS box but I'm a little overwhelmed with the...
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    Cheap Pfsense conversion

    I want to replace my consumer-grade router with a proper Pfsense one. On hand I have a spare i5-4690k with a spare MB and RAM. So I was thinking about just buying a rackmount case that comes with a PSU and fans, slap in my spare hardware, grab a LGA 1150 1U or 2U heatsink and a network card...