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    Chelsio nic goes down after ~5 minutes

    not sure if the issue is similar but I had a intel X540 that had very similar issues. In windows event viewer I notice an error that say the nic was shutdown due to overheating. Rebooting the server would get the nic back up but it would shutdown again momentarily. I resolve the issue by putting...
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    Used Enterprise SSD Price skyrocket

    Does anyone notice the price of used enterprise SSD is about double to what it was in 2019 ?? I need to get 8 more 800Gb ssd to expand my array and was surprised at the current market prices. Is this caused by the same issue as the other computer part shortage ??
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    Poor performance 10GBE network.. why??

    both servers and client only have 10Gb active nics, If you see the transfer speed to the server actually hits 1.11GB/s, that is about 10Gbps. If I pay attention during the transfer, I can see that thansfer speed would drop to less than 100Mbps in the valley, before it would pick back up to...
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    Poor performance 10GBE network.. why??

    what protocols are you using to move files between your windows machine and the nas ?? is it CIFS/SMB ? Here's the transfer result of me pulling files from the server win2016 (ssd on my desktop, and raid6 of 16x 4TB drives with adaptec adapter) I am also experiencing some weird issue when going...
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    Poor performance 10GBE network.. why??

    Not sure what the issue is, but I have no issues with getting good iperf3 performance on windows... above result is from win2k16 server running iperf -s and a win10 client. For me to get similar result I have to enable -P and run the test with 4 thread. Server hardware is similar to OP with...
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    Asus WS X570 Ace on sale again at amazon, $200!!!

    I bought this Mobo when it was on sale for $280, the intent was to pair it up with 5950x. I didn't realize the motherboard does not have any bios flashback feature (flash bios without CPU) and to get it to work with 5950x you absolutely have to upgrade the bios. I ended up borrowing my brother...
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    WS X570-Ace $280 New @ newegg

    I bought one, too bad no zen3 cpu that I can find :(
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    Zen3 reviews are out - hail the new King!

    Too bad there's not much stock out there right now, I tried waking up early to hit the 9AM ET release and did not managed to get one before it goes out of stock everywhere :(
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    ZIL question

    most nvme max throughput numbers are done via many queue depth. The same nvme will perform much smaller numbers when you set the queue depth of 1, that is why Gea said most likely on get around 300MB/s with a consumer grade nvme. As for your questions, I think its a good idea to do it, its set...
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    WD – HGST – STEC 1TB MLC PCIe Solid State Accelerator $75

    I've posted the driver I am using on my windows box, you can try that. I think I've tested to be working with Win10, Win2K12, Win2K16, Win2k19 Regardless though, before you can install driver you computer need to detect the hardware, and it would usually show up as unknown device or something...
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    WD – HGST – STEC 1TB MLC PCIe Solid State Accelerator $75

    Does it appear as unknown device ?? Check your device manager for any new device that need attention. Anyway the device appear as
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    WD – HGST – STEC 1TB MLC PCIe Solid State Accelerator $75

    hmmm that is odd, can you try it on a windows box to see if the card works at all ?? I know for sure I had mine in an esxi in one of my test and i was able to get it to be detected as local drive after installing the drivers downloaded from vmware site.
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    WD – HGST – STEC 1TB MLC PCIe Solid State Accelerator $75

    you might have to install the driver for esxi as well, just check their hcl page and make sure your esxi version are supported.
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    Users/owners of certain HPE SAS SSDs will want to check and update firmwares.

    That is exactly what happened in my case, and this was not the first time that it happened. Basically like you said whenever the server lost power abruptly or forced power cycle due to crash sometime this would happened. I also concluded that this is just a super buggy firmware. My drive have...
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    Users/owners of certain HPE SAS SSDs will want to check and update firmwares.

    Yeah this is very unfortunate, I spent pretty penny for the drive a few years back :( I tried to upgrade to D40Y and I am getting the same error as other firmware file basically no compatible firmware is found. If I use DUP and modify the payload file, I am getting "the operation failed because...
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    Intel SSD, Change or Convert Read Intensive to Mixed Use

    I think the main difference between read intensive & mixed used or even write intensive version is the amount of spare nand. If you like to get more endurance off your SSD, you can short stroke it or overprovision the SSD. Since we are talking about SATA ssd then from my previous research the...
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    Users/owners of certain HPE SAS SSDs will want to check and update firmwares.

    @Whaaat thank you much for sharing the file, Unfortunately I was not able to flash the firmware to a cisco version :( I think I am now trully stuck until someone can help me find D40W firmware from dell; I tried everything I can think of with no luck. Unfortunately I have no dell system that I...
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    42U server racks $100 each - Local pickup

    oh man that is such a great deal !!!
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    5.25" Bay to multiple 2.5" (15mm) drive adapters?

    Do you mind sharing how you handle the power connection ?? do you know if you can use those molex to 4pin atx adapter to power the drive bays ?
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    5.25" Bay to multiple 2.5" (15mm) drive adapters?

    imho this is a better options for less however without enough negative pressure on the case you might have some temperature issue with the drives.