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  1. fohdeesha

    Reverse engineering & gaining root on a...MOTU

    I've dabbled in music production on and off for 15 years, so I've always tried to keep decent audio interfaces for all my workstations. Last year I moved from Focusrite and picked up a Motu UltraLite AVB, mostly for the networking features. The entire control panel and config system is a web...
  2. fohdeesha

    Fun with an MD1200/MD1220 & SC200/SC220

    I use a lot of Dell MD1200 disk shelves, just got another one in and I needed to know if I need to update the firmware on it (because you can only do so with an H800 or H810 card HBA card, which I would have to dig out). didn't have a spare system with a SAS card to connect to it and poll the...
  3. fohdeesha

    Guide: Flashing H310/H710/H810 Mini & full size to IT Mode

    Figured it's probably best to have a dedicated thread. Pretty self explanatory, a guide to flash IT mode firmware to the H310, H710, and H810 PERC mini & full size (all variants): Introduction - Fohdeesha Docs
  4. fohdeesha

    Looking for someone with a Force10 account (firmware)

    Please PM me, will compensate you for your time (yes, I know about the public FTP)
  5. fohdeesha

    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    NOTE #1: do not PM me with switch questions unless they are license requests, they will be ignored. Post them in this public thread, where hundreds of other members can also answer, and the answer will be public for future users NOTE #2: some of these models require license unlocks. PM or email...
  6. fohdeesha

    Flashing Delta 7024 to Dell 8024

    Finally found someone willing to test the method I came up with, and it works great (nearly the same process as the LB6M flash, with some differences due to a larger bootloader from dell etc) Unlike the LB6M > Brocade flash where there were some slight hardware differences that caused things...
  7. fohdeesha

    Need Delta 7024 owner willing to flash to Dell 8024

    Sorry to keep spamming the forum with this flashing business, but this should be the last one: It looks like I finally figured a method to flash Delta 7024's to Dell 8024's but I own neither, so I need to get on google hangouts or discord with a Delta owner to verify some flash addresses, then...
  8. fohdeesha

    Turbocharge your Quanta LB6M - Flash To Brocade TurboIron - Big Update!

    UPDATE 7/11/2018 - It's been discovered that the version 8 Brocade firmware originally on the site was an internal-use only, untested beta version. It has been removed from the guide and replaced with the latest v7 mainstream release which is rock stable, well tested and has had a few more...
  9. fohdeesha

    WTB - Chelsio S320E-CXA LP Bracket Only

    I need a low profile bracket for the Chelsio S320E-CXA Ethernet card. It's the model with cx4 ports - I know an LP bracket exists as I've seen some sold listings with one, but I've looked everywhere and can't find one...