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  1. Fritz

    Need some basic Linux help

    When I installed Linux Mint Cinnamon I enabled auto login only to find out later that if you do the computer not automatically connect to network shares and you'll have to input both passwords before you're connected. This is profanely stupid but not as stupid as a total lack og information as...
  2. Fritz

    Would you buy a spinner HD with 70% health?

    I keep seeing these pop up on eBay and people are actually biding on them. No way would I ever buy one but can't help wonder why people do.
  3. Fritz

    Is there an up to date guide for installing ipmiview on Linux?

    I found one that's dated and the versions of the 2 files you download don't match. I'd rather not goof up if there's an up to date guide out there somewhere. TIA :)
  4. Fritz

    Mixing 12G and 6G drives on a 12G HBA

    Will the 6G drives cause the 12G to slow down? Controller is a LSI SAS3 3008 Fury – StorPort
  5. Fritz

    RAID controller or FreeNAS et al ?

    Which is safer and more convenient? I keep reading about RAID controllers doing wonky things. I personally had an instance years ago where a HD failed and the RAID controller said nothing. Only when I pulled the drives and tested them individually did I discover the problem. I've avoided RAID...
  6. Fritz

    Need some EFI Shell help

    I need to update the SAS HBA firmware on a Supermicro X10SL7-F MB. I need to know how to access the USB drive that contains the files once I have booted into the shell. I've google till I'm blue in the face and have come up with nothing that works and tons and tons of BS. Can someone tell me how...
  7. Fritz

    Any server rack experts here? Need help.

    Have a Cisco switch in the rack that's long and heavy. Problem is the ass end of the switch sags badly. I went looking for a brace or bracket / support that will hold up the ass of the switch but to no avail. Ideally it needs to attach to the rack side to side and not front to back. There are a...
  8. Fritz

    RAID controller nubee question

    Just put an LSI SAS 9271-8i in my backup server just because I had it. Server has 8 3TB drives using RAID 6. Array took 2 days to initialize. I'm now in the process of copying data back to the server. I've googled and can't find the answer to the most fundamental of questions - How will I be...
  9. Fritz

    PfSense put a computer in the DMZ ??

    Apparently this is way m ore complicated in PfSense than in a standard router. I've googled till I'm blue in the face and can't find anything. Anybody got a link and/or advise on how to proceed? TIA
  10. Fritz

    Just ordered a part directly from Supermicro for the first time

    What an ordeal. First I called them and they told me to fill out an RMA request form on their website as a first step. Had to do it 3 times because it's not really a form to order parts. Finally got it done and they emailed me another form to fill out and sign and email back to them. After that...
  11. Fritz

    Supermicro riser card compatibility?

    Pardon my ignorance but how does one go about determining which riser cards are compatible with which motherboards? The Supermicro Riser Card Matrix looks like gibberish to me. I've got a X9DRW-IF on the way and I'm going to need at least one riser for it.
  12. Fritz

    PFSense OPT Interfaces ??

    Just added a 6 port NIC to my PFSense box. One port is used for WAN and one for LAN. The others are OPT ports and they're all disabled by default. I thought they would show as more LAN ports just like on a store bought router but it appears not. So what exactly can they be used for in PFSense...
  13. Fritz

    SAS3 controller not compatible with SAS2 Backplane???

    Case is a SM386 (Could be a SC385, it's a Dell case so it doesn't say). MB is a Supermicro X10SRH-CF. Upgraded the Backplane from a TQ to a SAS2 and all manner of weirdness appeared. Slots disappearing, Certain combos of HD's causing slots to disappear, etc. For example, had 4 SATA 8TB drives in...
  14. Fritz

    Strange problem. Help me understand.

    Just upgraded the MB in one of my servers. Old board was a Supermicro X8DT6-F. New board is a Supermicro X9DRD-7LN4F. Bought the new board about a month ago and fired it up on the bench with a couple of RDIMMS. Just want to verify that it worked. It did. Final config consisted of a pair of E5...
  15. Fritz

    PFBlocker MaxMind now requires a license

    What does MaxMind do and do I need it? Is the license free? everywhere says account is free but says nothing about the license. TIA
  16. Fritz

    How common are bad SATA cables?

    Ran into another one today. Don't know the total number I've seen but it's enough that I recognize the symptoms when I see them. Today I was backing up my Linux box data drive, 4TB with 1.6TB of files, to another 4TB drive in a USB enclosure. kept getting a cryptic error message and after I hit...
  17. Fritz

    Does such an animal exist?

    Been looking for a caddyless SAS enclosure and haven't found one. Anybody know of one? TIA
  18. Fritz

    CPU Vcore question

    I have an old Supermicro server running a X8DTU-F MB and 2 E5640's. According to SD5 CPU2 Vcore is .8v and is flagged red. CPU1 Vcore is .94v and is flagged green. The system is rock solid stable, no issues or glitches at all. Should I be concerned? TIA
  19. Fritz

    Need help flashing a Falcon 2008 SAS Controller to IT mode

    Found a wealth of info but absolutely ziltch on how to do it. Said controller is on a Supermicro X8DTH-6F MB. I need to know what the current firmware version is, I think it's p20 but not sure, and I need step by step instructions. I've done a few Dell H310's and have instructions on how to...
  20. Fritz

    2002 power on hours, 112mb written

    Just picked up a couple of 900GB Netapp 2.5GB SAS 10k HD's from eBay. Both are the same. Could they have been sitting in a chassis powered up for 6 years doing nothing?