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  1. markarr

    Dell Technologies World

    Anybody going this year?
  2. markarr

    (SOLD)FS: Intel E5-2680 v2

    I have 4 used E5-2680v2 that i purchased for project that never left the ground, shipping from Iowa. Asking $600 shipped in the US, paypal. ebay username marnold17
  3. markarr

    (FOUND) E3 v3 or i7-47xx

    Looking for a cpu in either of these ranges. Edit: Would prefer to stay under $150
  4. markarr

    Quanta s210 board lga2011

    Here is a decent deal. Quanta s210 Dell Cisco Motherboard Dual LGA 2011 8x SATA 3x PCIe x16 | eBay
  5. markarr

    VCCP power issue on Tyan Board

    Hello, I have an issue with either a board or proc I have tried multiple PSUs both server ones and consumer ones so I can rule that out. I am getting these events in the BMC log VCCP_P0 Voltage Lower Critical - Going Low - Deasserted VCCP_P0 Voltage Lower Critical - Going Low - Asserted...
  6. markarr

    X9DRI-LN4F+ for $225 OBO + $19 Shipping

    Supermicro X9DRI-LN4F+ Dual LGA2011 Intel C602 DDR3 Server Motherboard Has a lot of mem slots and has 4 1gb nics. Edit: Sorry I had included the shipping in the heading price since it was standard cost not based on location. I have changed the title
  7. markarr

    HP 1950 switch with 4 10G ports

    Looking for new switches for work and came across these little guys HP 1950-24G-2SFP+-2XGT Switch (JG960A) Its an hp switch with 2 sfp+ ports and 2 10G/1G copper ports. It is one the web smart switches, basic l3 routing and 128 gbps capacity. This guy on ebay has it for 775 JG960A I Brand New...
  8. markarr

    New Sophos releases

    Looks like Sophos went and released some new items. Sophos home - AV, malware, web filtering for up to 10 computers. Cloud based. Free Antivirus for Up to 10 Mac and Windows Users | Sophos HOME Sophos XG - The new version of the UTM. They got rid of the 50 ip limit and changed it to 4 cpu...
  9. markarr

    HP Fusion IO 1.2TB for $609

    The pictures look good, might try one and see if it is vaild, about $.50 per GB SSD Fusion IO HP 1.28TB ioDrive Duo MLC IO Accelerator 1280GB PCIe healthy Edit: Forgot to say it is a Duo in the title
  10. markarr

    Newegg Promo Picture

    I think its funny that they are promoting an SSD with a motherboard that still has an AGP slot.
  11. markarr

    H8SGL/H8SGL-F Picture

    Hello, I was wondering if any one here has one of these boards and would be willing to snap a picture of the corner with the power connector. I had an unfortunate shipping incident and the heatsink caught the corner of the board. Thank you, Mark Arnold
  12. markarr

    IBM Research Develops 220TB Tape Drive

    Only in lab conditions but wow that is a lot of data on a tape drive.
  13. markarr

    LGA 1366 Barebone

    Dell C2100, here is a 2u 12 bay barebone chassis for the xeon 5500 and 5600 series with rails. My offered 62 (to make the unit an even 100 with shipping) was auto accepted. They have one with all the trays for 179. Throw a cheap proc and a little memory and it could be a decent fat storage...
  14. markarr

    FS: Network and Server parts

    Hello All, I purging some of my stuff in order to consolidate. I have: (All prices include U.S. shipping) Acer N2110g Thin client $50 8gb ssd 2gb of ram. It is a mini-itx board in the chassis. Runs esxi good little low powered box. ~20w D-Link DES-1228p $40 28 ports 24x10/100 poe switch with...
  15. markarr

    Lenovo SAS Expander

    Interesting expander. Looks like it is a pull out of a thinkserver rd640. New Lenovo 03x3834 ThinkServer 24 Port SAS Expander Card w Cables | eBay Looks like someone is selling a knockoff version of it as well for $125 New 6Gbps SAS expender Card 16 Port SAS PCI E Expander Board for 9240 8i...