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  1. Dajinn

    Storage Spaces with a RAID volume & SSD Cache

    I'm interested in trying to use an SSD cache drive for some of my RAID volumes. The only problem is the 3ware 9750-8i doesn't have SSD caching as a feature like some of the LSI controllers with CV, etc. Has anyone ever taken their volumes pre-configured by a RAID controller, created pools in...
  2. Dajinn

    FS: Intel 2U, 2P R2312GZ4GCSAS, Dual LGA2011 v1/v2

    Got this on ebay, not sure I'll ever get around to getting CPUs for it. For now it's just sitting around in the box. I did open it up to inspect everything, it's brand new, includes all trays, basically everything you see here at this Intel Ark page: Intel® Server System R2312GZ4GCSAS...
  3. Dajinn

    An employer I accepted an offer with is being inflexible with the start date. What would you do?

    I'll try to be as brief as possible here. The company I interviewed for posted a job opening around mid-July. I interviewed with them on August 13th. Had another interview sometime early September. When they called to offer me the position I said give me a day to decide(aka weigh the benefits...
  4. Dajinn

    FS: 10x2TB Seagate HDDs, Dell PowerConnect 5448 /w RPS600

    Hey folks, Looking to sell 10 of my 2TB Seagate HDDs. Reason for the sale is because I need to upgrade to larger capacity drives. The model is ST2000DM001. I know bought these around 12-22-2014 and they have a 2 year manufacturer warranty, so there's an estimated remaining warranty duration of...
  5. Dajinn

    Can you guys help me with VLANs and subnetting?

    I have a cluster of servers as such: 4 virtualization servers 4 converged storage servers 1 gigabit ethernet switch 1 QDR infiniband switch Environment: Windows Server 2012 R2 Network Diagram Each server has at least >=1 GbE port. Each...
  6. Dajinn

    Mellanox ConnectX-2 Firmware Request

    Hi all, does anyone have firmware 2.9.8350 or higher for the ConnectX-2 VPI card?
  7. Dajinn

    Mellanox IS5030 - Managed QDR Infiniband Switch Write-up

    Hi folks. I wanted to take the time to do a write up for the infiniband switch I got. I'm aware there is official documentation out there for the product, however, I wanted to walk through the processes as I receive my hardware and set everything up to maybe hopefully help others who choose to...
  8. Dajinn

    Request: Supermicro PSU Listing with Noise Levels (recorded and subjective)

    The 1200W gold screamers are killing me. The 502W gold power supplies in my Dell R610s are literally a whisper compared to them. In fact, my Dell switch is louder than 4 R610 servers combined. I've seen a many discussion and have read conflicting reports about some of the lower-wattage gold...
  9. Dajinn

    9260-16i - Can this fit in low profile chassis?

    Can't find any information on this, the card seems quite tall. I've seen some product pages list "low profile bracket" included in the box...anyone know if this card will fit in a 2U chassis in a low profile slot without being too tall? Same card as the Intel RS2WG160, 9260-16i4e, etc. LSI...
  10. Dajinn

    I initially planned to accept a job but I let my ego get hurt and now im not so sure.

    I applied for a position at an institution that's basically the same as the one I currently hold at my job now and they offered me the job. They low balled me and then when I said I'd need the weekend to consider they called me back and just matched what I was currently making instead of...
  11. Dajinn

    Need a Mellanox adapter double-check

    Mellanox Connectx 2 VPI 10GbE Dual Port Adapter Card MHQH29C XTR | eBay That listing says it's a 10Gbe adapter but it's actually QDR IB right that's backwards compatible down to DDR and 10 Gbps speeds? Correct?
  12. Dajinn

    Lenovo ThinkServer SA120 - Rackmount DAS

    Lenovo ThinkServer SA120 Rack Mountable Das Array 70F10000UX | eBay 260 + 43 for shipping, bringing it to 303, the cheapest I've seen anywhere. Front drive bays are SAS only otherwise I would've bit a long time ago.
  13. Dajinn

    BPN-SAS1-846A - How does this backplane work with RAID controllers?

    The 846A backplane seems to be a "segregate" backplane or "directly attached" SFF-8087 backplane. However, how exactly do you use this with internal raid cards that have 2 physical connectors? Do you still only need one SFF-8087 cable?
  14. Dajinn

    Nutanix Community Edition - Invites

    Hey guys! I have 5 invites to Nutanix community edition. I know it's not exactly the hardest thing to get an invite too but I wanted to give back for being an amazing community. Just PM me with your email and the first 5 PMs will get an invite.
  15. Dajinn

    Just scored this IB switch, how did I do?

    Mellanox IS5030 36 Port QDR Infiniband Switch | eBay Seller accepted 250, might go even lower. Details here:
  16. Dajinn

    SMB, LACP, NIC Teaming, & You.

    I'm having a particular issue with NIC Teaming, LACP, and SMB. At first I was getting ready to team all the NICs across my server for increase throughput to/from nodes/storage. Come to find out that LACP only theoretically increases bandwidth for multiple TCP/IP sessions and what I actually...
  17. Dajinn

    10 GbE to use these?

    Apologies for the dumb thread title. I've been losing sleep on how to deploy a 10 GbE home network given that 10 GbE switches are ridiculously more expensive than QDR infiniband switches but then it just dawned on me. Can you use optical transceivers and still get 10 Gb/s of networking...
  18. Dajinn

    Have you ever chosen a chassis based on the expansion slot heights?

    Just curious what everyone's experience is with buying their add-on cards and the difficulty(and lack there-of)of obtaining the proper mounting brackets(high-profile or low-profile). I'm considering what nodes I want to add to my setup and have been ruminating on the SC826 for a while until I...
  19. Dajinn

    Are these Voltaire infiniband switches good?

    519571 B21 HP Voltaire Infiniband 4036 36PORT 4XQDR Managed Switch VLT 30111 0884420783428 | eBay Looking to start branching out into infiniband for my lab. Seller countered with 300 which seems somewhat reasonable to me. Question is, are these switches any good? Do they have any specific needs...
  20. Dajinn

    Hyper-V Failover Clustering & Domains

    As far as I know the nodes in the cluster need to be joined to a domain for you to be able to manage and even enable clustering. My question is, if you have X amount of nodes that you want to put in a cluster and don't have a domain controller, what is a relatively easy way to accomplish this...