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  1. Layla

    QLogic FastLinQ QL45000 Series 100GbE Controller on Windows 10?

    Hi All, Does anyone know whether recent QLogic drivers are able to work on Windows 10? Typically drivers are fairly compatible between Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016/2019 (e.g. Mellanox drivers work fine) - but QLogic appears to fail to start in qebdrv: Device...
  2. Layla

    EXPIRED 817753 B21HPB HPE Ethernet-10-25Gb-2-port-640SFP28-Adapter $9.99 - Sold Out

    817753 B21HPB HPE Ethernet-10-25Gb-2-port-640SFP28-Adapter $9.99 "Seller Refurbished"
  3. Layla

    Supermicro X9DRT-HIBFF with onboard Mellanox ConnectX3 can be cross-flashed with X10DRT-HIBF firmware

    I took the plunge on this last night: I have some X9DRT-HIBFF nodes with onboard ConnectX3 (56Gb FDR Infiniband, but actually VPI). X9DRT-HIBFF-2.10.0700.bin is the latest firmware available for those boards, which is so old as to basically make them worthless. After doing some diffs on the...
  4. Layla

    Tested: DL580G8 (Gen8) and G9 (Gen9) *Lack of* Compatibility

    I've been long wanting to do this test, and today finally got around to it with a few spare CPU trays and Gen8 and Gen9 chassis right next to each other. Unfortunately, it seems that: 1. You can't boot a V3 CPU with DDR3 memory on an HP U17 BIOS. It complains about mismatched memory vs. CPU...
  5. Layla

    [WTB]: HP DL580 G9 NVme Bridge Card (pci-e 3.0 x16)

    Along with the cables ideally. I do have the 5-port NVme backplane already.
  6. Layla

    Jobs/Hiring Forum?

    Where would be the most appropriate place on servethehome forums to post about looking for people to join our team? Is there a reason why there isn't a sub-forum for this? Clearly we'd want to keep it STH<-->STH members only and no recruiters....
  7. Layla

    H11DSi-NT Oculink Ports not working?

    Using Windows Server 2019, I can't seem to get the Oculink ports to detect my pm1725a SSDs, using the SuperMicro branded Occulink cables. Has anyone else run into this? Any ideas on what is required to make it work? I would have expected them to be detected in the UEFI BIOS itself.
  8. Layla

    H11DSi with Dual Epyc failing to boot Windows Server install (2016 and 2019)

    Anyone have issues installing Windows Server (2019 or 2016) on H11DSi? It appears to get stuck at [INFO] Launching 'efi\boot\bootx64.efi'... On the HDMI port out of the GPU, it just shows the SuperMicro UEFI BIOS Logo, while the IPMI HTML5 iKVM displays the UEFI command history. If I leave...
  9. Layla

    WTB: Quiet/Silent Rack in Boston Area

    I'm looking to buy a quiet/silent rack (i.e. APC Netshelter CX, XrackPro2, etc.) in the Boston area. Ideally something between 18U-42U in size.
  10. Layla

    Create Custom Fan Speed Maps for SuperMicro X10 Servers via IPMI

    I got tired of the noise with my SuperMicro X10 Server (4027GR-TRT), but didn't want to get into involved hardware fan swaps which still may produce unsatisfactory results. For reference, the "Optimal" fan setting decided to run half of the fans at 8000RPM at idle, and the other half at 5000RPM...
  11. Layla

    40Gbps Ethernet Mode ConnectX-3 VPI Awful Windows Performance

    This journey started when I noticed that my network which used to get 36Gb/sec throughput was getting 4.5Gb/sec one direction and 9.8Gb/sec the other. After many many hours of searching, trying different settings, and finally cross-flashing mellanox's latest firmware (and trying to...
  12. Layla

    Co-location in the Boston Metro Area?

    It seems that there are a bunch of datacenters in the Boston metro area; however, few of them list any kind of pricing information. Is there any good resource for comparing co-location options? Alternatively, does anyone have positive or negative experiences in the area that stand out /...