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    LGA 2011-3 Upgrade Path?

    Hey all, LGA 2011-3 was released 10 years ago but still remains highly viable in today's setups due to continued supply from off lease equipment. An E5-2678V3 that supports dual CPU architecture and cheap DDR3 memory modules goes for just $75 each. While the base clock speed seems unimpressive...
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    3090 driver handicap?

    There have been reports about the 3090s being handicapped on the driver level by Nvidia for deep learning. Can anyone with real world experience confirm if they're still worth the large bump in pricing over the 3080s? If so, which models have the best circulation so that they don't face...
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    3080 ETH mining?

    Hey guys, Completely new to this so bear with the dumb questions. My local Amazon drops 3080 Gaming X Trios in bulk daily @ MSRP. I have been able to scoop a handful of them up at that price and they ship out within a week. At current prices it's supposed to return ~$200 a month after...
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    Quanta BIOS update

    I'm very fearful of BIOS updates as I've bricked a motherboard before. I purchased a Quanta D51B-2U that came with an older BIOS that does not support V4 CPUs. I have managed to find a V3 CPU and a couple of BIOS update packages with the required files to upgrade it to a supported BIOS. Quanta...
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    EXPIRED WD EasyShuck 18TB 279.99 Not sure what drives are in there
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    Let's have an "Expired" tag in Great Deals

    People are replying to threads from 2015/2016 and it's bumping them to the top of the list. Maybe even set it up to move these expired deals to a different forum so people can continue discussing without giving others false hope?
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    EXPIRED 16TB Seagate Expansion $274.99 (Exos x16)

    r/DataHoarder says they contain 7200RPM Seagate Exos. Anyone has experience with the reliability of Exos?
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    3080 deep learning rig questions

    So I've managed to secure a 3080. Wondering if I need to upgrade the rest of the hardware for this. I intend on sticking it in a dual E5-2650V2 proxmox host that runs all the various other VMs for the homelab, with the GPU on passthrough. Way past EOL, yes but great because DDR3 is much...
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    Alibaba Cloud Registrar experience?

    Hey guys, Not sure where to post this as it doesn't seem to fit into any category. Looking for the cheapest TLD so I can use let's encrypt for some home lab servers. I've looked around and Alibaba Cloud seems to have a ridiculous pricing of USD 6.8 for 10 years registration. However, at the...
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    ZFS array expansion

    Hey guys, Expecting the 14TB Elements to be sold at a great price over Black Fri so thinking of using it to expand my existing array which is about 60% full right now. Trying to expand out a 6x14TB Z2 array to 8x14TB Z2 (or even 9x14TB Z3) but trying to do this with the least number of...
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    What to do with HP T620 with no boot disk found?

    Hey guys, I bought a T620 on ebay a couple months back and was under the impression it came with WE8. Left it in storage as I got caught up with other projects and quickly forgot about it. Today I fire up the machine and am greeted with the PXE boot/no boot disk found boot loop. My initial...
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    ZIL question

    Hey guys, I have a Z2 array of 6x14TB EasyStores and they do about 800MB/s of write as an array. I have some MZ1LV960HCJH NVMe sitting around. Benchmarked, they also do about the same amount of write as the Z2 array as a whole. Is there any purpose in adding them as ZIL drives? Thanks
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    NVIDIA 3000 series?

    How do the NVIDIA 3000 series perform with ML compared to 2000? Currently using 2070S just purchased early this year. Don't want to upgrade if it's not necessary.
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    EXPIRED 12TB Elements on Amazon @ $175

    DOTD. I ordered a bunch of them during the last sale and they were EMAZs that don't have PWDIS issues. The BestBuy EasyStores have always been EMFZs.
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    5.25" mobile rack that takes 4x15mm SAS?

    Hi all, Looking for a reliable 5.25 mobile rack that fits 4 of HGST SAS SSDs. I was previously using the Thermaltake MAX-1542 but the drives keep dropping out of the system and messing up my ZFS array. Does anyone have any experience with other models/manufacturers out there? So far I've not...
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    WTB 14TB EasyStore that you're returning

    They sold out before I could get enough so trying my luck here. I need 2 more to complete my collection. If you've got some Easystores you're intending to return for some unknown reasons, I might be interested in taking them off you at cost. Preferably you're from a state with no sales tax. Will...
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    Dell YPNRC questions

    Seems like an interesting card, supporting 4x NVME drives on the R720. Would this work in a non-Dell server? Does it have PLX or does it require bifurcation? Thanks!
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    ESXi or FreeNAS GPU passthrough for deep learning?

    Hi all, Trying to build a machine for both media storage and deep learning. Thinking of the following setup, not sure if it makes any sense: 2x E5-2670 128GB DDR3 ASUS 2070 Turbo 4xPM953 NVMe MIRROR (Scratch) 4xHUSML1640201 RAIDZ2 (VM OS) 6xWD EasyStores RAIDZ2 (Large storage) The idea is to...
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    Modding Server Rack Back Panel

    Hi all, Planning a somewhat ridiculous mod to the server rack as I plan to move everything indoors. My rack's back panel is metal mesh. The airflow with the mesh isn't that good by itself as the rack houses high density units so I'm looking to build an active venting system. At the same time...
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    Which GPU to watch for Black Fri?

    Thinking of the RTX 2070 Turbo but price still seems to be on the high side