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    HPE Epyc 7002 Upgrade Kits vendor locked or not?

    Good evening, I am currently shopping for an Epyc 7002 series CPU and saw that some of the HPE upgrade kits end up being a bit more affordable than plain Epyc CPUs but I (very vaguely) remember some vendors vendor locking the Epyc CPUs one way or another. Does anyone know whether that's the...
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    Intel DC P4510 SSDs good for a home VM / Nas System?

    I am currently contemplating replacing an aging Synology NAS with a new system and while the NAS / Storage parts will mostly be run with HDDs, I also want to run 2 or 3 lightweight VMs on the system and looking for reliable SSDs to go with it. I can get my hands on a few 1TB Intel DC P4510 SSDs...
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    [WTB][US-MD] 4x 16GB or 4x32GB DDR4 2666Mhz ECC UDIMMs

    I am looking for either four (4) 16GB or 4 x 32GB DDR4 ECC ram modules that are preferably on the motherboard's QVL list so Samsung M391A4G43MB1 / M391A2K43DB1 or Kingston KSM26ED8. I'd prefer local (Baltimore/Washington Area) but certainly also open to have them shipped here. If anyone has a...
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    WTB-US(-E): Motherboard with Xeon D-1541, D-1587 or D-2146NT / D-2183IT

    Hey there, I am currently looking to get a new home NAS together with the potential to run a very few, lightweight VMs on it as well. I am currently ping-ponging a bit back and forth between what I want and what I need (a xeon-d 1541 would probably/realistically be good enough) but if someone...
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    FS: 1x Intel X710-DA2

    This is somewhat of a repost of my post on reddit but maybe somebody here wants the nic before I put it up on eBay. It's a X710-DA2 with full height bracket with latest FW applied which was just pulled out of my system yesterday (hence the timestamp from yesterday / my username on reddit sans...
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    WTB: Intel X550-T2 or X710-T2L Nic

    Hi there, I am looking to buy an authentic Intel/Dell/Lenovo X550-T2 or X710-T2L network card.. well buy or trade for my X710-DA2. Let me know if you have one of those and want to let go (& for how much shipped to 21211 Baltimore, MD, USA). Cheers and thanks! -Joerg
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    Suggestions for Soho Firewall with Dual Wan (1x SFP+ and 1xRJ45) Support

    We are (probably.. process still ongoing) getting one of Comcast's Gigabit Pro fibre based services installed here which hand over the connection via one SFP+ port for 2gbps up and down and a separate 1gbps up and down via a regular RJ45 port. Their 'customer end device' is a Juniper ACX2100...