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    EU WTB: DELL R320

    Want to buy a cheap DELL R320 server. I would prefer a redundant PSU one.
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    PoE passthrough managed switch?

    Hello, I need a small (5-8 ports) PoE passthrough switch to extend part of my network. Must be PoE powered (af or at, not passive) and must have one PoE passthrough port where I can plug a 12-15w access point. Is there anything else apart from the Unifi US-8? I would very much like something...
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    EU WTB: Ruckus H510 Access Point

    Hello, I am looking for a Ruckus H510 Access Point. Preferably with mounting hardware included. Only looking to buy from EU member countries.
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    EU WTB: Mellanox ConnectX-3 VPI MCX354A-QCBT Full Height Brackets

    Hey! I have two MCX354A-QCBT cards that came with Half Height brackets. Anyone have any Full Height for sale? Thanks!
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    APC UPS plastic button-screen holder and buttons?

    Hey everyone! I bought a couple of APC SUA rack mount UPSes and they came without the plastic thing that holds the LED/screen PCB and button assembly and without the rubber buttons themselves. Found a seller on Ebay that has one for sale but shipping to Europe is very expensive...
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    Help with cheap 40Gb links and network planning?

    Hello! I am moving some stuff around in my house and I need some advice. I am situated it Europe and I live in an apartment on the 4th floor. I had a spare room temporarily set up as a server room but that has to go now. I am basically running just one server right now (Dell R720xd) which I am...
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    EU WTB: 2-3x ICX 6450/6430 (at least 1x PoE), 50m Fiber, DACs

    Hello! Anyone with a bunch of ICX 6450/6430 switches please PM me. I am also looking for: 50m or more of terminated LC-LC fiber, either OM3 or OS2. If OS2, I would like some SFP+ modules to go with it if you have them. 2x SFP+ DAC cables, preferably 1m or longer
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    Intel SR-IOV VM to host switching?

    Hello! I have an Intel 82599ES 10Gb card that I use on my Arch Linux PC with an SR-IOV VF that I use for my Windows 10 VM. The 82599ES is supposed to support switching on the card itself rather than going out to my physical switch and back in again. I am not really sure how to test it so I...