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    Arista 7050 - Flash not readable

    Hi! One of my Arista 7050QX is showing some strange things: c40-0002-2#show startup-config ! Command: show startup-config % Error displaying flash:/startup-config (Input/output error) c40-0002-2#bash Unix Time: 1619544134: Process 16393 died with signal 7 (SIGBUS) errno 0 code 2 (unknown) The...
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    Epyc 73F3 vs 2x72F3

    Hi! I need to get the best performance out of an old database system as possible (ADS in Windows 2019) The system does very rarely use more than 8 cores, but I would prefer to have some reserves... My question is: which would be the best performing CPU setup, if costs do not matter? Is a...
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    Solution for wifi-survey

    Hi! I need to do (sometimes) wifi-surveys. Can you give me a hint on cheap solutions to do this? Currently, I am using the following way: - Placing some APs based on my former projects. - Walking around with a notebook with "Ekahau Heatmapper" and inSSIDER to check the placement - Change...
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    Arista - Get STP informations via SNMP

    Hi! I am trying to monitor the spanning-tree status of my arista switches via SNMP. With other brands, that was quite easy: --> Current root bridge --> Port to root bridge --> Priority --> Last Change...
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    Access to Arista Firmware

    Hi! Does anybody here have a valid Arista subscription? How is their support portal working? Can I access the firmware for all models, if I buy support for one model? Thank you and best wishes Stril
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    How to get firmware for HP MSM760

    Hi! I want to buy some refurbished HP MSM760 Wifi controllers. Do you have any source to get the latest firmware for those? Thank you for your help! Stril
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    Arista 7050 - Mirror MLAG-Port

    Hi! I am using Arista 7050s in MLAG-config. On my firewall, there is one LACP-bond configured with one link to each of the two Aristas. Now, I need to setup a monitor-port/port-mirror with an IDS-system attached to it. Is there any possibility to mirror a MLAG? I did not find anything about...
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    Arista - Mirror MLAG

    Hi! I need to mirror the traffic of a device, that is connected to two Arista 7050QX which are building an "MLAG-Cluster". Do you know, if this is possible? How can this be done? - Mirror the Ethernet-Interface on each switch? - Mirror with one port? Thank you for your help!! Stril
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    Cheap Datacenter SSDs like Intel D3-S4510

    Hi! I decided to use different kinds of disks in Raid1/10 systems, as I have just hit a firmware-bug, where all my drives failed (and HPE has another one, today). My "standard-disk" is currently the Intel D3-S4510 series. Can you recommend me any other disk, that offers comparable performance...
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    rx_brb_discards on QLogic 3442-CU-CK

    Hi! I did an upgrade of two linux-systems. Since the update, I have exactly the same problem on both systems: The first port of the cards shows: rx_brb_discard: 14 rx_brb_truncate: 2 --> rx-Errors The systems to not have a lot of load. As its 'eth3' that is affected in both systems and...
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    STP-Config on Port to ISP

    Hi! I am just a bit confused on how to configure STP on a port facing to my ISP. My fear is, that the ISP could send BPDUs and so, he could change my STP-topology. Option 1: Disable STP on that port --> In that case: What happens, if BPDUs are received? Will they be dropped or forwarded in...
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    Understanding DHCP-relay

    Hi! For hours now, I am trying to really understand how to configure: - a central Linux DHCPd-server - satellite DHCP-relays ...but I still did not reach my goal... The main problem is: - How does DHCPd "assign" the right subnet-zone to the relay-agent? If the DHCPd-server owns an interface...
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    ZFS-server for veeam-backups - 48x10TB - which layout

    Hi! I need to setup a server as veeam-backup-storage. It will have 38 10TB drives, but I am not sure about the layout, as I did not use a ZFS system without anything else than striped mirrors. What would you recommend? It would be good to have a sequential read-performance of >4-5 Gbit/s 3...
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    vSphere backup - Veeam vs Nakivo

    Hi! What are you using to backup your VMWare infrastructure? Currently, I am veering between Veeam and Nakivo. Veeam is great as Enterprise or Enterprise Plus, but WAY too expensive for me, so I have to compare Veeam Standard with Nakivo Enterprise (currently 6 hosts with 1 socket each)...
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    Personal Firewalls with AD-Integration

    Hi! I want to use a client firewall on my network with active directory. The Windows firewall is working, but too limited. It does not offer "first rule matching", so out is very hard to configure simething like: Incoming connections denied, but not from network except...
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    ZFS - lost space from snapshots

    Hi! I am using a ZFS-system without deduplication but with LZ4-compression. The system is running fine, but there is one VERY strange thing: The size of my volume WITH snapshots is: NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT zpool1/volume 8.07T 138T 1.33T /zpool1/volume...
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    Copper Cables inside a rack - STP or UTP

    Hi! As 99% of the German technicians, I am only using shielded copper-cables - everywhere in the network-area. Now, I see, most international installations are using unshielded cables. is primary selling UTP-cables, etc. How do you handle this for shord cables inside a rack? STP is...
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    Squid with ssl_bump - second certificate for untrusted

    Hi! I am using squid 3.5 with ssl_bump and icap to scan https traffic. My main problem are untrusted certificates. At the moment, squid does two things: - If I open https-sites with trusted certificates, ssl_bump intercepts the connections with a dynamically generated certificate, signed with...
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    Virtual Firewall with or without SR-IOV - max performance

    Hi! I need a new firewall that can do REAL 10 GbE firewalling between internal networks on single-streams. Instead of buying a hardware-firewall, I am thinking about a virtual one... Sophos and Fortinet are offering quite cheap virtual licenses. Fortinet demands SR-IOV, Sophos doesn't. I need...
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    LUNs per target - VMWare - iSCSI

    Hi! I read some different things and I am not sure about the best way to setup iSCSI targets for VMWare: ZFS-storage is serving zvols as LUNs but: How many LUNs per Target? - 1 LUN per target? - many LUNs and only one target? Its one big storage, but I read multiple things about not to put...