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    Divergent Sockets and Chipsets - End of an Era

    Reading Patrick's article about AMD EPYCs "OEM locked" to signed firmwares made me think about really for the past few generations we seem to really be at the end of "cheap repurposed server gear" esp. in the CPU area. As Intel has gone Socket 3647 since Skylake and 4677 for Ice Pickle, while...
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    US - STH Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Many tech forums I frequent has a Perpetual Freebies thread for members to exchange free items they no longer use and pay things forward. I've gotten permission from Patrick to start something similar here at STH, I don't have a lot of high end gear but you never know, something sitting in your...
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    Supermicro X10SLL-F issue - BMC not responding

    Just got a X10SLL-F board to start a new build and ran into a weird issue, first some background. Currently have a Core i3 4130 mounted, didn't get ECC UDIMM (my bad) so the main system isn't up and running (I read a thread where others have gotten non-ECC UDIMMs to work but apparently that was...
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    Thin Client Recommendations?

    Not sure which forum to put this in but here goes... I'm trying to move parents setup do a virtualized (ESXi + Windows VMs) setup as it's too much work "fixing" their machines with various software/hardware issues that just seems to come up often. I have my own homelab already setup and will...
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    Hard Drive APM and Standby Time settings

    Hi folks, I have a question about APM settings and Standby and how they are related? Specifically when using hdparm to control the parameters and behavior on drives, according Archlinux Wiki: hdparm - ArchWiki hdparm -B sets the APM value between 0-255, and that "Values from 1 to 127 permit...
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    Inventec C202 Motherboards - 10Gbe and 4x SAS ports ~$20

    Older Xeon E3 boards, the seller has several models but I found one that's really interesting: Inventec Server Motherboard LGA 1155 DDR3 B421GA0 SAS & SATA plugs, SPF port | eBay These seem to be specially OEM versions as model number doesn't yield any info on Google, I've also asked the...
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    Debian not loading updated kernel module version

    I'm a bit stumped here, I've just attempted P26 kernel module install from the Broadcom/Avago package: SAS 9300-8e Host Bus Adapter This is technically for my LSI 2308 SAS2 controller, but the module package includes both mpt3sas and mpt2sas files. Here's the install, no errors...
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    MDADM and LSI 2308IT drive drops on wake from sleep

    Hi all, Recently I've upgraded my home lab/storage server, mainly the chip/board/storage controller: Motherboard: Supermicro X8DTE-F to Supermicro X9DRD-7LNF CPU: Dual L5630 Xeons to Single E5-2670 Storage Controller (PCIe passthrough) - Dell H200 (LSI 2008) to LSI 2308 IT Mode (onboard on the...
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    STH forum and Google results

    Is it just me or anyone else experience a high number of STH results in their Google search dealing with enterprise hardware and setups, VMs etc. It seems to me that often one of the top 3 results will be STH forum thread and usually that's the one with a solution or actual clue to resolving my...
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    X9DRD-7LNF4 onboard LSI 2308 SR-IOV not capable?

    Hi folks, Still tinkering with my new build, with my X9DRD-7LNF4 board and onboard LSI2308 controll, it doesn't seem to allow me to configure SR-IOV in ESXi 6.7. I've done the install and enabled all relevant options I can find in the BIOS but VMWare reports the device as not being SR-IOV...
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    SOLD: Supermicro X8DTE-F + 48GB + Dual Xeon L5630 + Coolermaster 212 combo

    Hi all, Just completed my new build so the "core" of my trusty ESXi box is up to grabs. It's served me very well and has been rock solid for past 3 years, all BIOS, firmware etc has been updated to latest. Details: Supermicro X8DTE-F Dual Xeon L5630 low power cpus 12x 4GB Micron DDR3 ECC...
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    Hack: Corsair A50 Cooler Socket 2011 Narrow ILM Mounting

    Hi all, Working on my next build and was about to get a nice Supermicro X9DRD-7ln4f, my top choice was actually Gigabyte GA-7PESH2, as it ticks all the main features I wanted: Dual socket, standard EATX form factor Square ILM heatsink mount 16 RAM slots full compliment of PCIe from single CPU...
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    Single CPU in Dual socket motherboards and PCIe slots

    Hi folks, In the process of planning out my next build, I have a E5-2670 left over from last year and getting a Supermicro X9DRD-7LN4F to run it. I know from the block diagrams that only 3 of the PCIe slots will be available for access with a single CPU, but will the blank ones be at least...
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    Supermicro X8DTE-F force onboard video when PCI-e video is installed?

    Hi all! Been doing some consolidating and updating of hardware in my ESXi box and trying to run a HTPC VM through it by adding a PCI-e video card and passing through to a PlexVM. Current Config (abridged): Supermicro X8DTE-F + 2x L5630 CPU 48GB RAM Lots of drives ESXi 5.5 with VMs Running...
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    Dell H200 DOA?

    Hi all, Recently acquired a Dell H200 to flash into IT mode and use to drive a ZFS array. The card arrived but it isn't recognized by any systems I have, mostly older non-UEFI boxes. No additional screen during POST and neither SAS2FLSH or MEGAREC can see the card. I have a H200 currently in...
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    WTB: Dual Socket 2011 motherboard with IPMI/BMC

    Hi all, Looking for a motherboard for my E5 2670 as the previous board I purchase was damaged during shipping. The main requirements are to have full 16 RAM slots and 3+ PCIe slots. Let me know what you got or see a deal :) Thanks!
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    Power Consumption of VMs - XP vs Win8

    Hi everyone, I ran into an interesting observation recently and figured I share, my ESXi 5.5 server runs the following specs: 2x Xeon L5630 48GB ECC RAM 1 SSD + 1 500GB HDD VMDK storage 10X 3TB NAS storage Cyberpower 1000va UPS The system runs a Linux VM that manages the NAS drives and...
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    FS: 14x Samsung 8GB DDR3 PC10600 ECC RAM $46ea

    Hi everyone, Recently decommissioned some hardware and have a bunch of ECC Registered DDR3 left over. Here's the first batch: 14X Samsung 8GB DDR3 PC10600 ECC Registered RAM (Model M393B1K70CHD-CH9) $old :) Heatware: ChineseStunna | Thanks all!
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    Lian Li PC-A75 Full Tower $89 AR (EATX, HPTX)

    This case was a great price last Newegg sale @ $115, but at $89 after rebate and coupon I'd say it's practically a steal! Details here: LIAN LI PC-A75 Aluminum ATX Full Tower Computer Case (black) $88.99 after Rebate + Free Shipping -
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    Favorite Pedestal/Tower Enclosures: What's yours and why?

    Hi all, There's been a few threads surrounding the topic of enclosures and discussing specific ones. I've seen some really good insights to pros/cons of a particular solution and learned quite a bit from them. I think it would make sense to kick off a thread where we consolidate thoughts on...