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  1. Jeggs101

    Frankenstein Modded Mellanox Adapters What The

    This was a listing I saw on ebay: The "LIKE" dual port 10G is explained in the description: It seems like they're taking single port cards, soldering on the extra connectors...
  2. Jeggs101

    Intel Ice Lake Xeon or AMD Milan for Monero XMR Mining?

    Which is faster? Is Intel going to be the best because of 10nm?
  3. Jeggs101

    16GB Intel M10 Optane M.2 SSD $15.50 New?

    These come from China with free shipping so it will probably take forever. They're selling for only $15.50 ea but buying 2 gets you $14.73 ea. Oops forgot link Intel Optane Memory M10 Solid SSD M.2 2280 MEMPEK1W016GA PCIe 3.0 3D Xpoint NVMe 735858337847 | eBay I like bigger drives, but $1/GB...
  4. Jeggs101

    Crazy 100GbE adapter for $100

    This is $109 but best offer accepted at $100. It's an absolutely crazy adapter. Dual 100GbE ports but it's a multi-host adapter so you can put the cable into another system...
  5. Jeggs101

    Sabrent 2TB NVMe SSD $199 New

    I saw this on Amazon today. Sabrent Rocket Q 2TB $249 but there's a $50 coupon. 2TB M.2 SSD for $200 new. It's PCIe Gen3 not Gen4 but cheap is also good. Here's the STH review: Looks like QLC NAND so it isn't the...
  6. Jeggs101

    What is that "STH Merch Shop" Link?

    There's a new link on the Forums view just below "Post thread..." that says "STH Merch Shop." It goes to some site called "TeeSpring" Is that legit? Is it something you're testing @Patrick and @William ? The stuff on that site is using the STH logo so if not you should ask them to take it down.
  7. Jeggs101

    HPE EliteDesk 705 Mini G3 $160!

    8GB of memory and 256GB SSD too. HP Elitedesk 705 G3 Mini A6-8570E / 8GB DDR4 / 256GB SSD Warranty until 2021 | eBay The CPU sucks in these. It should be like a higher power Atom C3338 performance with the integrated GPU. Still, $160 with a SSD and 8GB of memory isn't too bad. I'm thinking...
  8. Jeggs101

    Anyone else going to watch the SpaceX launch today?

    I think a lot of us are considered tech people. This is a different kind of tech, but very cool indeed:
  9. Jeggs101

    HP EliteDesk Mini 705 G3

    Has anyone tried these little boxes yet? Maybe @WANg 16GB of RAM and a 256GB NVMe SSD + 2.5" internal available. Says they have Windows 10 Pro as well. Maybe they're not as...
  10. Jeggs101

    netdata on Proxmox What is the best way?

    Does anyone have a recommended way to run netdata on Proxomox? From what I can see you can: Run netdata on base system --- this doesn't seem like a great idea since you're installing an application on the base hypervisor level. Maybe Proxmox already has built-in monitoring so you could say this...
  11. Jeggs101

    32 Core EPYC 7551P $500 or less

    Maybe this isn't the flashy Rome chip, but they're $500 each or less if you buy more with best offer available HP / AMD EPYC 7551P 32-Core CPU PS755PBDVIHAF 8592978096441 | eBay That's way cheaper than some of the old Xeon E5 V3's on a price per core.
  12. Jeggs101

    Netgear Powerline 2gbps Adapters

    Does anyone have experience with these? I'm browsing Amazon Prime Day deals and this is $60.99 per set which is cheaper than the no-name brands of the same price and even cheaper than their 1200mbps model. Lat...
  13. Jeggs101

    Installing Mellanox CX-3 Pro on Proxmox 5.4

    Has anyone done this successfully? I tried the older 4.2 and they didn't work even adding pve-headers New drivers are at: But I can't get them working.
  14. Jeggs101

    SanDisk 8TB SAS SSD $499 OBO

    Says 2 available open box Genuine SanDisk 8TB SSD SAS STORAGE 54-90-80154-8000GCARD P/N: | eBay To me that looks like a card that goes into a bigger system. There's lots of ram and nand on there but it isn't a normal form factor. At the bottom edge, that sure looks like a standard SAS...
  15. Jeggs101

    Intel 8TB Ruler SSDs $1600 obo

    If you really want to do a dense storage server: Intel SSDPERKX080T7 Server SSD DC P4500 8TB Ruler PCIe 3.1 x4 3D1 | eBay Says hundreds or thousands available and there's OBO. These might be the older gen ruler SSDs but you've gotta figure out how to get the server. Supermicro SuperServer...
  16. Jeggs101

    Proxmox VE io-error VM Yellow Triangle

    I've got a Proxmox VM that says "io-error" and it's got a yellow triangle. The VM is unresponsive. Storage is the same SSD pool that all the other VMs that are fine are running on with no faults in the local ZFS pool or hardware. Menu options were to start, I tried and it says VM already...
  17. Jeggs101

    HP T730 8GB and 32GB SSD $195 OBO

    Lowest I saw was $229 for these. I'm seeing best offer and $195 here with reasonable ship. No OS, but 2 available and OBO HP T730 THIN CLIENT AMD RX-427BB 2.70GHZ 8GB 32GBSSD RADEON R7 NO OS | eBay Says open box so maybe not too used and abused.
  18. Jeggs101

    FreeNAS Mini on Sale Amazon $100 off

    If you wanted a FreeNAS Mini maybe $100 off is enough to put you over the line If you're a big FreeNAS user it's good to support them.
  19. Jeggs101

    Why are Vega 56 and Vega 64 prices so close?

    I'm totally intrigued by the Vega 64 single precision tflops. I checked pricing and it looks like you can get a Vega 64 for around $520 Gigabyte AMD Radeon RX VEGA 64 | eBay but the Vega 56 is around $450 MSI AMD Radeon RX VEGA 56 Reference | eBay Why would you get a Vega 56 if the 64 is only...
  20. Jeggs101

    Pass CPUID String to VM in Linux KVM or Proxmox

    Here's what I'm thinking of doing. I'm thinking of making VM's on say 18 core V3 CPUs. Then selling two VMs with half the RAM and saying something like "Xeon E5-2620 V3 equivalent" I am only going to have max 3 VMs per system, but it's cheaper to put one system together than three. Can I pass...