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    Arista 7050 - Flash not readable

    Hi! One of my Arista 7050QX is showing some strange things: c40-0002-2#show startup-config ! Command: show startup-config % Error displaying flash:/startup-config (Input/output error) c40-0002-2#bash Unix Time: 1619544134: Process 16393 died with signal 7 (SIGBUS) errno 0 code 2 (unknown) The...
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    Epyc 73F3 vs 2x72F3

    Hi! I need to get the best performance out of an old database system as possible (ADS in Windows 2019) The system does very rarely use more than 8 cores, but I would prefer to have some reserves... My question is: which would be the best performing CPU setup, if costs do not matter? Is a...
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    Solution for wifi-survey

    Hi! I need to do (sometimes) wifi-surveys. Can you give me a hint on cheap solutions to do this? Currently, I am using the following way: - Placing some APs based on my former projects. - Walking around with a notebook with "Ekahau Heatmapper" and inSSIDER to check the placement - Change...
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    Arista - Get STP informations via SNMP

    Hi! I am trying to monitor the spanning-tree status of my arista switches via SNMP. With other brands, that was quite easy: --> Current root bridge --> Port to root bridge --> Priority --> Last Change...
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    Access to Arista Firmware

    Hi! Does anybody here have a valid Arista subscription? How is their support portal working? Can I access the firmware for all models, if I buy support for one model? Thank you and best wishes Stril
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    How to get firmware for HP MSM760

    Hi! I want to buy some refurbished HP MSM760 Wifi controllers. Do you have any source to get the latest firmware for those? Thank you for your help! Stril
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    Arista 7050 - Mirror MLAG-Port

    Hi! Thank you for your answer. Your idea sounds good, but how can I avoid a loop or spanning-tree-problems? Given the setup: I mirror the LAG (production LAG) to port 1 of each switch. - Now, I connect port 1 of switch 2 to port 2 of switch 1 - ...and mirror port 2 to port 1 --> How do I need...
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    Arista 7050 - Mirror MLAG-Port

    Hi! I am using Arista 7050s in MLAG-config. On my firewall, there is one LACP-bond configured with one link to each of the two Aristas. Now, I need to setup a monitor-port/port-mirror with an IDS-system attached to it. Is there any possibility to mirror a MLAG? I did not find anything about...
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    Arista - Mirror MLAG

    Hi! I need to mirror the traffic of a device, that is connected to two Arista 7050QX which are building an "MLAG-Cluster". Do you know, if this is possible? How can this be done? - Mirror the Ethernet-Interface on each switch? - Mirror with one port? Thank you for your help!! Stril
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    Cheap Datacenter SSDs like Intel D3-S4510

    Hi! I decided to use different kinds of disks in Raid1/10 systems, as I have just hit a firmware-bug, where all my drives failed (and HPE has another one, today). My "standard-disk" is currently the Intel D3-S4510 series. Can you recommend me any other disk, that offers comparable performance...
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    rx_brb_discards on QLogic 3442-CU-CK

    Thank you!! I disabled all C-States, but errors are still present...
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    rx_brb_discards on QLogic 3442-CU-CK

    Update: I found this one: RHEL: Persistent increases in RX frame and rx_brb_discard errors on 10 Gigabit network interfaces - Red Hat Customer Portal ...but do not have access to that. Is anybody here able to tell me, what redhat shows up, there? Thank you!
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    rx_brb_discards on QLogic 3442-CU-CK

    Hi! I did an upgrade of two linux-systems. Since the update, I have exactly the same problem on both systems: The first port of the cards shows: rx_brb_discard: 14 rx_brb_truncate: 2 --> rx-Errors The systems to not have a lot of load. As its 'eth3' that is affected in both systems and...
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    Virtual Firewall with or without SR-IOV - max performance

    Did you read the first post?
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    STP-Config on Port to ISP

    Thank you! I just found a hint in the docs, that disabled plus BPDU filtering should do, what I want
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    STP-Config on Port to ISP

    Hi! I am just a bit confused on how to configure STP on a port facing to my ISP. My fear is, that the ISP could send BPDUs and so, he could change my STP-topology. Option 1: Disable STP on that port --> In that case: What happens, if BPDUs are received? Will they be dropped or forwarded in...
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    Understanding DHCP-relay

    Hi! For hours now, I am trying to really understand how to configure: - a central Linux DHCPd-server - satellite DHCP-relays ...but I still did not reach my goal... The main problem is: - How does DHCPd "assign" the right subnet-zone to the relay-agent? If the DHCPd-server owns an interface...
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    Arista DCS-7050QX-32

    Thank you. I am using "7050QX-32" (without "s"). So, I will try 4.18.11M, now. Thank you!
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    Arista DCS-7050QX-32

    Hi! Did anyone of you test 4.18.11M?
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    Native (Open-) ZFS encryption is in Illumos now

    Hi! Great news. Do you know, how this works exactly with zfs-send/receive? Is it possible to have: - unencrypted source - to encrypted destination ...without having the destination zpool mounted (untrusted cloud-like-destination as backup)