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    M1215 Errors After Crossflash

    Running TrueNAS 12.0U2.1 as well as FreeNAS 11.3u5. OS booting off ssd attached to my motherboard sata controller. Supermicro X9 motherboard, 96GB RAM, e5-2667v2, TQ backplane (direct attach), HGST HUSMM1640ASS205 drive. I have tried flashing my M1215s multiple times, writing several different...
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    M1215 how to backup?

    Is there a way to backup the factory data in the card prior to crossflashing? Storcli and sas3flash don't seem to be able to back anything up...
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    Lenovo M1215 Crossflash

    Ended up being able to use freedos/rufus to get the dos version of sas3flsh working. Jumper also needed to be installed for the initial flash...
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    Lenovo M1215 Crossflash

    I can't seem to get sas3flash to recognize my Lenovo M1215 card. I have tried with and without the jumper. Tried in both windows 10 and efi with the same results: sas3flash.exe -list Avago Technologies SAS3 Flash Utility Version (2018.04.02) Copyright 2008-2018 Avago Technologies...
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    HGST HUSMM1640 Typical Performance?

    Just got in new controller (LSI 9340-8i) and cables put in the same machine as the HP H240. Much better results, the HP H240 is anemic in comparison:
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    Supermicro X9DRi-F - IPMI is partially broken after firmware upgrade

    Verify date/time settings on the hardware.
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    ESXi 7.0 and lower cost SAS/SATA RAID

    My eventual goal is to use this in a VSAN setup but for now I was doing sanity checks on baremetal windows 10 and truenas. I found that the performance didn't seem correct. I have ordered some m1215 cards and new cables to compare performance with but will only have those next week. My other...
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    ESXi 7.0 and lower cost SAS/SATA RAID

    If you can hold off a few days, i am tracking down some drive speed issues i am having which may turn out to be h240 related. I will hopefully have more info next week.
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    HGST HUSMM1640 Typical Performance?

    More data, I ran the drive in 2 different machines under freenas. One machine with a HP H240 HBA (SAS3) the other with a LSI 9217-4I4E HBA (SAS2). This is looking like an HBA issue? HP H240 HBA: root@truenas[/mnt/t1]# fio --filename=test --sync=1 --rw=randread --bs=4k --numjobs=1 --iodepth=4...
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    HGST HUSMM1640 Typical Performance?

    I am not sure what I was expecting but the 4k performance on these drives appears poor? Or perhaps it is my HP h240 HBA? Even worse in ATTO than my 840 pro running the OS.
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    HP H240 Resurection

    I bought 2x H240 adapters on eBay. One was perfect, HBA mode with latest firmware, no issues. The second one I can't get to work (asked for replacement but taking a while). The card isn't totally dead, I can feel the heatsink is getting warm so it is drawing current. In windows it shows up...
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    Supermicro 2011R3 10GB onboard - $144

    Lists ddr3 and v3 and v4 chips? Do they all have ddr3 compatible controllers?
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    ES of epyc rome already on ebay?

    If you look at the pictures it shows some missing components on the processors themselves. They look to be ganged parts whatever they are. most likely capacitors. These ES parts appear to be clocked lower than production. You can find references to a leak on the H12DST-PS boards with these...
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    Samsung PM953 smart values

    I have been buying up some PM953 M.2 drives off ebay and got one which ended up getting the "ERRORMOD" failure. It appeared like it got this failure while I was formatting the drive in Windows 10. After the fault condition appeared I couldn't do anything in Windows with it; just showed as a...
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    846 Fan Wall

    In case someone is looking to make a 120mm fan wall in their 846 and didn't want to use zip ties. I found some fan joiners that work well. They even have an area for some double sided tape. Computer Case Fan Metal Mount Rack Bracket Joint Black
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    Samsung PM953 M.2 960GB $69.70 / $65 BO

    Seller is sending me 2x of the 480GB version as compensation for the one that doesn't work correctly since he says they don't have any more left of the 960GB. I guess i'll get another asus card and make a mirrored OS drive with those and use the larger drives for VM storage.
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    Samsung PM953 M.2 960GB $69.70 / $65 BO

    Started the process last Thursday, so it's coming up on a week now. The guy said he would get things going on Monday but that never happened. Then last night he tells me that he can't find my return which I never got a label or instructions to perform. He also said they sold all of their...
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    Samsung PM953 M.2 960GB $69.70 / $65 BO

    How long should I wait on this replacement to ship before getting ebay or paypal involved?
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    Samsung PM953 M.2 960GB $69.70 / $65 BO

    He said he would work on it today. Still waiting on a follow up from friday.