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    HP ML350 G6 8 Slot HDD Cage

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if something like this can be used w/o the actual HP server: For HP ML350 G6 8 Slot HDD Cage & Backplane W/2 SAS Cables 511782-001 499263-001 | eBay Just power it on and connect SAS cables and be good to go? Would that 10 pin power would be the only hurdle? I'm...
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    Supermicro ftp site

    Hey guys, am I the only one having troubles accessing SM ftp site? Does it still exist? Wanted to download some IT firmware from but I keep getting this error:
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    WTB: Xeon e3 v3/v4 and DDR3 UDIMM

    Hey guys, I need to get my X10SL7-F populated so looking for a proc and RAM. Preferably 4c/8t e3 (1230 and up), L or not doesn't matter. Along with some sticks of UDIMM's, could be 4x4G or 2x8G ,compatible with this mobo. Please PM what you have.
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    LSI or Adaptec?

    Guys, I'm looking to get a SAS3 HBA and need some advice. Providing I don't need RAID, which one is a better choice, Dell H330 or Adaptec ASR-8405? Prices seem to be almost the same and within my allotted budget. Or perhaps there's something else I should look at? I am pretty much a noob when...