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    FS: Unifi gear (ALL SOLD)

    I've got some Ubiquiti Unifi gear for sale: USG-PRO-4 (qty: 2) - $225 each shipped. UAP-AC-HD (qty: 1) - $225 shipped. SOLD. All items are lightly used, and work perfectly. They will all come factory reset, ready to be adopted. The USG-PRO-4s both include the original boxes, power cords , and...
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    WTB: APC UPS AP9631 Network Management Card 2 and AP9335TH Temperature and Humidity Sensor

    As listed in the title, looking to pick up an APC UPS AP9631 Network Management Card 2 and AP9335TH Temperature and Humidity Sensor. Thanks!
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    WTB: Unifi US-16-XG and US-16-150W

    Looking to purchase a US-16-150W or US-8-150W switch. Edit: No longer need the US-16-XG.
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    FS: (SOLD) Synology RackStation RS3617xs+ NAS (Diskless) + 56GB ECC RAM (SOLD)

    Selling a Synology RS3617XS+. Note this is the "plus" addition that this is the higher end model. No hard disks are included with this system. The Synology RS3617xs+ is in very good condition and has some slight wear from being used in a rack and its rails (not included). The system is about...
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    WTB: Universal Sliding Shelves/Rails

    Looking to buy some sliding shelves/rails for my rack. These look really nice, but open to any offers: 2U Adjustable Mounting Depth Vented Sliding Rack Mount Shelf – 50lbs / 22.7kg Also looking specifically for Synology's sliding rails (RKS1317): RKS1317 | Synology Inc.
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    WTB: 12U Soundproof Quiet Server Rack

    Looking to buy a 12U quiet server rack. I would really like a Ucoustic Active 12U rack, or something that offers similar noise reduction and thermal performance. I am downsizing from my 24U NetShelter CX quiet server rack. I would be willing to trade with someone also, if someone is looking to...
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    FS: APC Netshelter CX 24U (SOLD)

    I am selling an APC Netshelter CX 24U. This quiet 19" server cabinet is in excellent condition! Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks! Price is $1750. Would prefer local pickup in Dallas, TX and payment in cash. I can also ship the server rack via Navis Pack and Ship for $900 to the...