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    abysmal zfs raidz2 throughput

    Edit*title was wrong, I meant zfs not nfs.... The io is local, tested with dd and iozone This is my first go with ZFS (usually an mdraid + lvm kinda guy), and i'm running into some performance issues. I've configured a pool consisting of 1 vdev of 8 disks (4tb sas 7.2k rpm) in raidz2. I'm...
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    WTB aorus gtx 1070

    WTB aorus gtx 1070 gaming box.
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    high capacity, high throughput storage platform

    Hello, I'm trying to get some ideas, from those that may have already conquered similar challenges, on building a high capacity storage system that is also capable of high throughput. The intended usage is for this storage server to house long term data, typically massive files (maybe ~200GB...
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    switch fan mods

    Remember the Dell n4032f switches I was selling on here? Well I sold one and kept the other for home use. Unfortunately it's extremely loud. It is designed to push a lot of air, with two fan modules in the back exhausting air. Each module has 2 36x36x28mm 3-pin fans, and each power...
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    SOLD: Dell N4032F switches

    I'm selling two very lightly used Dell N4032F switches. They were for a project that fell through. I'd estimate they were powered on for about a month, and now have been sitting on a shelf for a year. They may have some warranty life left on them, but I'm not certain. For some reason the...
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    enthoo pro with hotswap enclosure

    Has anyone installed a 3-bay 5.25" drive enclosure in their Enthoo Pro case? I just put in a Rosewill with 4- 3.5" hotswap bays, but cannot get any holes to line up to secure it inside the case. Any suggestions are appreciated. For anyone looking to do something similar it's a very tight fit...
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    WTB: jbod enclosure

    I'm looking for an 8-bay 3.5" hot-swappable SAS/SATA HDD enclosure with mini-sas SFF-8088 external connectors. 3gb/s would be fine, or 6gb/s if the price is right.