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    WTB: Intel SSD S3700

    I want to run mysql on a mirrored SSD. Is there any recommended seller on ebay which sells 400gb drives?
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    Shared IPMI Port , X11SAT-F

    Hello, I have a Supermicro X11SAT-F motherboard which has the following NICS LAN1, i210-AT LAN2 (shared with the IPMI port on X11SAT-F), i219LM Can I have LACP on LAN1/LAN2 plus IPMI (on a separate VLAN) on LAN2? Thanks
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    SC846 rails stuck

    Hello, My SC846 server doesnt go fully in the rack. It gets stuck after most of it has gone in. Here are some pictures, is there anything obvious which i am missing? Front side Rear side
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    Supermicro MB_10G, 10GBe NIC high temperature

    Hello, I have an X10Dri-t board which has a couple of Intel X540-AT2 NIC's. If nothing is plugged into the NIC the idle temperature is 55C (reported using ipmitool sdr). However, with cables into the NIC the temperature rises 83C, and with load in 90's. The motherboard starts registering health...
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    Supermicro PSU, Replace PWS-920P-SQ with PWS-1K28P-SQ

    Hello, I have a Supermicro 4U chassis which uses the PWS-920P-SQ PSU. Can i replace it with a PWS-1K28P-SQ? Is the PDU compatible with this PSU? Thanks
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    Supermicro VBAT

    Hello, I have a x10dri-t motherboard. ipmitool was showing an error for VBAT like so, VBAT | 1.54 Volts | nr I thought this was related to CMOS battery, so i replaced it with another battery. However, VBAT doesnt seem to have changed, VBAT | 1.51 Volts...
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    List disks in Supermicro Chassis - LSI SAS2008

    Hello, I want to list the disks in the SM-846 chassis which has a LSI SAS2008 HBA in IT mode. I tried sas2ircu but the disk shown in Slot #4 is incorrect. The disk is in Slot #1. What tool should i use for the correct order? # ./sas2ircu 0 DISPLAY LSI Corporation SAS2 IR Configuration...
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    Is this a real error?

    Hi, A WD Red 4TB disk reported an error some time ago. Since then I have ran run 'long' smart tests on the drive and it has reported clean. I was wondering whether this disk is safe to use in my ZFS zpool. Is it possible to check whether the LBA 3288829752 is readable or not? Here is the...
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    ES-16-XG iperf3 RETR

    Hello, I have two hosts connected to ES-16-XG. An iperf3 from host A to B shows a speed of 9.39Gbps with 0 RETR, however on the reverse i get big values. Here is an example, Host A to B $ iperf3 -c Connecting to host, port 5201 [ 5] local port 52932...
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    SAS2308 and mpt3sas.msix_disable=1

    Hello, I have an LSI 9207-8i card which is detected by Arch Linux only when i have mpt3sas.msix_disable=1. The kernel version is 5.1.5. Is this a hardware issue with the card? Card details are as follows: #sas2flash -list LSI Corporation SAS2 Flash Utility Version (2014.09.18)...
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    FS: Supermicro 846A backplane, 50% discount

    Hello, I have a Supermicro 846A backplane available. It is still boxed up. I would prefer it to be picked up locally (Zip code 77450) otherwise will need look up the mailing cost (US only). BPN-SAS-846A - $100
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    Rosewill RSV‑L4500 chassis screw size?

    Hello, I have lost couple of screws which lock the top cover. They are quite small. Page 5 of the manual talks of "Top Cover Disassembly" but does not give the screw size. Does anybody know what size they are? Thanks
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    Supermicro SC846, How to get the PSU out?

    Hello, I tried to push down the lever at the back of the PSU but still it would not come out. Is there anything else which needs to be pressed to pull the PSU out of the chassis? Thanks
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    Supermicro 846 4U chassis PSU for GPU

    Hello, I have a Supermicro 846 chassis which has a PWS-920P-SQ 920W silent power supply and running an X10DRI-T motherboard. I would like to add a GPU to box which has a two 6+2 ports. I have this cable thus i need only a single 6+2 pin cable. Which PSU/PDB do i need? Thanks
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    Supermicro MAC 88:88:88:88:87:88

    Hello, I updated the BIOS of Supermicro X11SAT-F motherboard using the IPMI webpage and followed that by updating the IPMI firmware. After these operations my original mac address was wiped and replaced it with, System LAN1 MAC address : 88:88:88:88:87:88 Both BIOS and IPMI fine. The BIOS...
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    Chelsio T520-CR fake on ebay?

    Hello, I see a lot of Chelsio T520-CR listed on ebay. Can I get a recommendation for a used card? Thanks
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    Supermicro boards with bent cpu pins

    Hello I have a SM X11SAT-F board bought this year with bent cpu pins. Can Supermicro repair them and any idea how much would it cost? Thanks
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    DXE USB DETECT B4 error on boot

    Hello, I have a new Supermicro X11SAT-F motherboard which hangs on boot with an error B4. The only way to get past this error is to remove the power to the motherboard/PSU for 30 minutes. This is not fail proof all the time though. Any idea how can this be resolved? Thanks
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    Supermicro IPMI SOL

    Hello, I have a X11SAT-F motherboard with IPMI support running linux under EFI mode. I want to use SOL for the remote server. I appended the kernel command line to the following, linux /@/vmlinuz-4.9.95-gentoo root=ZFS=rpool/ROOT/gentoo ro spl.spl_hostid=0xa8c06f01 console=tty0...
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    Media_Wearout_Indicator on DC S3500

    I have a couple of Intel DC S3500 SSD disks and both show Media_Wearout_Indicator as 0. At the moment these disks are setup as boot drives for a server. I have not had any issues yet. Are these drives in danger of immediate failure? Smart shows this First disk ID# ATTRIBUTE_NAME FLAG...