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    HP H240 (SAS3 HBA) 30 GBP from EU seller / 34 USD from US seller

    Bargain Hardware (UK) has a great and the same price for H240. I bought one last year. From what i know, HBA mode is not configured by default and i don't have HP servers, just Supermicro ones. So i couldn't flash / configure the card unfortunatelly. Great guys on Bargain Hardware. :) I bought...
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    Plex Pass Lifetime May the Fourth 24h Sale [Normally $120]

    It depends on how many trancodes you need. You can go with Quadro p400 / p600 / P2000 etc.
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    Dell HBA330 cable

    Do you mean something like RaidStorage SA-F43S7PS-1M-N2 SFF-8643 Mini-SAS To SATA x4 12Gb/s RAID Cable 1m | eBay ?
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    Case for Supermicro X9DRi -LN4F

    Hi, Take a look at Fractal Design 7 XL.
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    Cheap Pfsense conversion

    Trust me when i am saying that it's harder to find T620 / T730 (or used enteprice parts) at decent prices in Europe. :) This from last winter and it was BO. :) Try to buy to from sellers that are using to sell components pulled from servers. Intel Pro 100 is to old and the power draw is...
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    Cheap Pfsense conversion

    Hello, You need a low profile bracket network card. Look for an Intel OEM equivalent (i340 / i350). Please be very careful and avoid fake ones. click
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    WD Red & avoiding the SMR pitfall

    Also there are some rumors that N300 are HGST rebranded drives. I bought WD Book 14TB when it was on sales on Amazon UK and i was thinking to return it when i heard regarding SMR thing but it seems to be ok...
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    Intel S4510 DC for SLOG

    Thank you very much for your replies. I am work now. Please excuse me for not providing all details. Soon i will update informations regarding my configuration and my plans. :)
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    Intel S4510 DC for SLOG

    Hello, I was thinking to buy an Intel 900p 280GB for SLOG and i know that this si the real deal but for the moment i received for free 2 x Intel S4510 DC Series 240GB SATA-III SSD. Has anyone tested this model for Freenas slog? Thank you in advance. Regards!
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    Seagate STEL8000100 shucked?

    I recommend you to go with WD instead Seagate Backup Plus. You will find SMR drives if you shuck them. I have two of them in a pool...
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    NAS and Plex server build help

    Freenas doesn't suport hardware transcoding for the moment. It's working only on Windows and Linux (with modded Nvidia drivers ofcourse). Other users are using Intel CPU's (in separate machines) with Quick Sync support for transcodes. It is better to use Direct Play if you have capable devices.
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    Non-raid controller for esxi

    Bargain Hardware UK Dell PERC H310 12G - FH PCIe-x8 RAID Controller They are good guys, i bought several items from them.
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    Non-raid controller for esxi

    It is possible to receive a fake card if you order from China. I wouldn't take any risk
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    Quick first time buyer question

    Hello, It would be better to give direct acces for your disk and not use RAID to prevent some issues. Look for DEll H200 / DELL H310 | LSI 9207-8i / LASI 9211-8i. You can find them on ebay and some of them are preflashed with IT firmware. Do you want to use FREENAS?
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    IBM M1015 controller cooler update

    Some time ago i found this. I don't know the sellers. In the end i din't order because i have to many cards in my servers and it would not fit. Maybe those brackes are 3D printed!?
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    IBM M1015 controller cooler update

    I also use them for coooling HP H220 in my both Supermicro 846 Chassis. Corsair Air Series SP120 has enough static pressure.I bough my brackets from Ebay. I prefer to replace the thermal compound (I prefer Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut) after i buy an HBA. I dit it for DELL H200, DELL H310 and HP...
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    Need a Mini ITX Board for home server, recommendations needed

    Hello, Yesterday i saw this Server Board ASUS P10S-I Intel LGA 1151 ITX PCIe x16 2 xGbit 2 xram DDR4 ECC mITX | eBay I think it's a good price.
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    EU Asus Hyper M.2 v2 £34

    I have two 970 Pro's (512GB). I will test it with them. Regarding old board, sorry, it was my mistake. Actually it's a X9DRD-7LN4F-JBOD. Regards,
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    EU Asus Hyper M.2 v2 £34

    Thank you sir. I ordered one. I id doesn't work with my X11SSM-F I will use it on my gaming rig. :) I will give feedback.
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    EU Asus Hyper M.2 v2 £34

    For an SUPERMICRO X9DRD-7LN4F-JBOD do i need a PCI express riser? This old board doesn't have X16 slot.