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  1. Harry P. Nyce

    HOT HGST HUSMM8040's for $99, qty avail.

    I'd be curious to know this, as well as I have had a difficult time even researching these specific variants. You can see that there are simply IBM stickers plastered on top of the original and they work and report full details under ESXi 6.5U1 in my Cisco UCS-C240-M3S, but if I'm finally going...
  2. Harry P. Nyce

    Hý, i'm nýce.

    Hý, i'm nýce.
  3. Harry P. Nyce

    Price Drop! Server Cisco UCS C240-M3S servers, Dell Z9000, and other odds and ends

    @rockitlikeithott did you ever get around to putting together a walk-thru of your experience? Haven't had a ton of time to truly dive into this wonderful server, but super curious about anything and everything related to this Cisco hardware... trying to justify adding a VIC and proper core...
  4. Harry P. Nyce

    Smokin' deal on HGST HUSMM 400GB 12Gbps sas drives

    Ended up grabbing a pair of similar drives last October listed as: HGST Hitachi 800Gb 2.5" SAS 12Gb eMLC SSD Hard Drive SSD1600MM - 12G - NEW PULL via heads-up from the fine folks here on the STH forums, i cannot thank you enough. Vendor accepted my offer of $590 for both drives, so i took a...
  5. Harry P. Nyce

    Cabinets, Catalyst Switch

    Would you sell the single hard drive tray and VIC out of the Cisco? I scored on one Craigslist and was missing those components. You may have better luck parting out the RAM and CPUs, but i've been super pleased with my C-series, i have almost an identical machine. This is on par with the...
  6. Harry P. Nyce

    BestBuy-WD 8TB External-Limit 1 per order-$130

    Would be very curious to find your results. Not really certain how to best go about adding more (cheap) 2.5" bulk storage to my LSI 9266-8i controller. Older used SAS drives seem most reasonable, however i've painted myself into a corner with the Cisco C-series rack mount server i acquired and...
  7. Harry P. Nyce

    GPU Passthrough ESXi 6.5 - nVidia Quadro 2000

    So i'm now roughly half a week into my second attempts at troubleshooting GPU passthrough. I've researched information on VMware's site, as well as this great thread: Troubleshooting GPU passthrough ESXi 6.5 Unfortunately, i just cannot seem to figure out where i'm going wrong and was...
  8. Harry P. Nyce

    BestBuy-WD 8TB External-Limit 1 per order-$130

    I grabbed a few of these over the late Spring / early Summer period @ $179 -- two were the glorious 256MB cache WD80EFAX WD Red drives, while the other was unfortunately a 128MB version. I shucked the two identical and continue to use the other as an external backup for my 8TB mirrored ReFS...
  9. Harry P. Nyce


    These are FANTASTIC drives. I grabbed a pair of em (albeit with IBM stickers slapped on the top) from Fleabay a couple weeks ago @ $295/ea. Wish i could have justified getting four at that time. Ah well. Grats on the quick and easy sale.
  10. Harry P. Nyce

    Update custom (Cisco) ESXi 6.5 image [Exception]

    Apparently this is not possible (at least using the ISO) due to Cisco's custom image. Anyone have suggestions and/or workarounds for the two missing updates i'm trying to apply?
  11. Harry P. Nyce

    ESXi 6.5 Brand New Install "Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password"

    Strangely enough i ran into this exact issue last evening. Ended up rebuilding my ESXi host to use a custom VMware Cisco image anyway, so never really did work around it. I was able to log into the console fine, but once i updated the password from within there, i fully locked myself out...
  12. Harry P. Nyce

    Update custom (Cisco) ESXi 6.5 image [Exception]

    Please help a neophyte attempting to learn a thing or two about a thing or two, by enabling me to update my ESXi 6.5 custom Cisco image with the latest two (2) patches. Current custom Cisco version: ESXi 6.5.0d (2017-04-18) 5310538 Need these two updates: ESXi 6.5 U1 Express Patch 4...
  13. Harry P. Nyce

    HGST HUSMM1616ASS201 only work on 6gb

    Hrmm, right you are, sir. Thank you kindly for pointing out my blunder. Apparently i saw that some C240-M3S supported some 12Gbps drives, but obviously with a different controller. Appreciate the input.
  14. Harry P. Nyce

    HGST SAS SSD Drivers

    Thanks, you gents have saved me a LOT of time.
  15. Harry P. Nyce

    EMC / HGST Firmware locked ssd

    Is there any solution to/for this problem? I've got a couple HGST 800GB SAS SSDs (link below) running firmware version B204, just wondering if i should even bother continuing research -- Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet B204: 1600GB & 800GB Ultrastar SSD1600MM SAS SSD | HGST
  16. Harry P. Nyce

    HGST SAS SSD Drivers

    I'm struggling to dig up firmware for my 800GB HGST drives that have IBM stickers slapped on the top of them. Is this even possible? Currently running firmware version B204: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet 1600GB & 800GB Ultrastar SSD1600MM SAS SSD | HGST
  17. Harry P. Nyce

    HGST HUSMM1616ASS201 only work on 6gb

    Were you ever able to address this issue @wormcoffee ? Unfortunately i'm struggling to update this firmware (B204), but also have noticed my SSDs are only running 6.0 Gb/s. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  18. Harry P. Nyce

    Intel S3700 400GB $165 OBO

    Oh gosh, thanks you. My 800GB HGST drives are stamped with an IBM sticker on them, but appear to already be 512B sectors and are already running in a simple RAID1 datastore under ESXi 6.5 (free), however i'm not getting any S.M.A.R.T. data reported into my Cisco Integrated Management Controller...
  19. Harry P. Nyce

    Q4 2017 STH Lab Cleaning Thread

    I've got a solution for your buyer protection. Multi-sig wallets, essentially used as a type of escrow service. Buyer submits funds which are then held in escrow, seller proceeds to ship the item, once it is received and determined to be in good order buyer releases the funds. If no interaction...
  20. Harry P. Nyce

    Intel S3700 400GB $165 OBO

    Thank you, great article. I read through only after discovering on my own how difficult it could be for a neophyte to begin researching enterprise SSDs. Mine are only showing up as 6Gbps, and having difficulties knowing which tools to test, but they're working well in a simple RAID1 (800gb x2)...