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    Monero changed to the RandomX Algo.

    RandomX hashrate is different from cn/r hashrate. Network hashrate is about 3x, but CPU hashrate is typically 7x-10x, profitability is actually up quite a bit.
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    Monero changed to the RandomX Algo.

    RandomX is so strange. I have 2 identical servers with dual E5-2678 v3, same Ubuntu 16.04, same kernel, same hashrate of 1170H/s with cn/r, but with RandomX, xmrig-5.0.1, hashrates are 3540H/s and 4470H/s respectively. I checked every config I can think of, hardware and software, don't see any...
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    Dedicated Open Compute miner build- Part 2.The RandomX Edition.

    How does rx/loki hashrate translate to cn/r?
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    inventory liquidation deals

    Can these E7-8800 v2 and E7-4800 v2 be used with motherboards that support E5-2680 v2? They are all LGA2011.
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    Netapp DS4243 Disk Array Shelf @ $90 shipped

    You can swap in IOM6 and the shelf will become DS4246 under Netapp Ontap. I am not sure about PC environment though.
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    HP Gen8 Server - will HP branded consumer SSDs work in the bays

    There are a lot of fake HP smart carriers out there, they will fail even genuine HP drives.
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    Netapp DS4243 Disk Array Shelf @ $90 shipped

    Do you configure multipath?
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    Rejected ratio suddenly increases with Nicehash

    I am running STH universal docker, which has xmrig 2.5.2. It's been working perfectly fine, but starting yesterday, I noticed that the shares got rejected by Nicehash for as much as 30% with error "Share above target." Did anyone else have similar issue? I see there is xmrig 2.5.3 released, do...
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    Who still mining?

    The driver won't even install on server OS, such as Windows 2016.
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    Who still mining?

    I never had any luck with AMD drivers on Windows 2016 server. The only driver that can be installed is the blockchain driver, everything else will simply complains that there is no AMD device.
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    STH xmrig Monero Mining Docker Image

    @Patrick Any chance servethehome/monero_xmrig can be updated to xmrig 2.50? I know there is a universal image now, but really like the flexibility of dev fee of this original image. Thanks!
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    2TB HGST s840 enterprise SAS SED SSD

    Thanks for the detailed report. Are you planning to return the bad ones?
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    STH xmrig-proxy for Docker

    Will it work with nicehack?
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    ccminer Universal NVIDIA Docker Miner

    I had to remove '--runtime=nvidia' so it will pull the docker image. But then I got this: ./ccminer: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Adding back the runtime variable gives error 'Unknown runtime specified nvidia'...
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    ccminer Universal NVIDIA Docker Miner

    Does it require the install of nvidia-docker2 first?
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    To proxy or not to proxy

    Can't wait:) Will we be able to monitor all the miners as well?
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    To proxy or not to proxy

    I have a dozen spare computers doing CPU mining. I use Patrick's xmrig docker image, which works great. I use a start script on each machine so I can switch among different coins, pools, etc. And since the CPU's are different, the script will set cpuset-cpus accordingly on each machine. So far...
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    Lets build a PXE Server for Our Mining Rigs

    How did you get that work? I tried the same thing, installing Ubuntu on a USB stick, and Clonezilla another one, but the cloned USB won't boot, complaining about missing root fs.
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    ASrockrack 2U4N-F/X200

    It's the math:) $3000 for 11-12KH, it's like less than $0.30/H.
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    Docker xmrig cryptonight universal

    Performs same on ETN compared to servethehome/monero_xmrig image.:)