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    List of NVMe drives that support namespaces or other ways to divide one up

    I am evaluating all-flash VMware vSAN for a 3 node cluster and the performance is abysmal even with NVMe cache disks. I think I can get better performance if I have more disk groups. However, I only have one PCIe x8 slot available and in ESXi each disk can only be claimed by one disk group, so I...
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    Intel NUC Thunderbolt networking for super low-power cluster?

    I am planning an all-flash virtual SAN cluster, so I need a minimum of two storage nodes with 10Gbps+ between them and a witness node where at least gigabit network. However, I also have a 200W total power budget which limits the node choices a lot. As an experiment, I built a Xeon E3 1240L V5...
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    TLC SSD useful in multi-tiered storage?

    I have been experiementing with multiple ways of setting up a SAN for both VMs and media files. The hardware I have are: 8x 2TB HDDs (a mix of 5600 and 7200RPM ones) 3x 120GB TLC SSDs 2x 250GB TLC SSDs 2x 32GB Intel Optane memory on order ① My original setup was simple, I had one SSDs each in...