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    A cheap but good small managed gigabit switch for homelab

    Hello I used search, but could not find an exactly matching thread. So here is a new one. I am looking for a * fanless, * managed * 8 to 12 port switch with * VLAN support (32 will do fine), * link aggregation and * STP support. I do not need PoE or QoS. I think I'll rather buy two...
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    Affordable little Xeon workstation

    Hello I currently have an Asus P8C-WS with an Ivy Bridge E3-1245 v2 Xeon. It is currently serving as a hackintosh. No sleep, no hibernate, must be forced to power off. But otherwise quite nice. It has 24 GB ECC RAM, but OS X has no MCE support for the chipset. Has seen very little use since...