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    [ESX7] Change SCSI Controller virtual PFSense LSI SAS => pvSCSI

    I am trying to change the SCSI controller of several installed Linux virtual machines. The one i am starting with is PFSense. I have tried the "Windows trick", adding new Hard Disk with Paravirtual SCSI Controller reboot and then change the SCSI controller of the primary Hard Disk. But this...
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    [Hyper-V] replication between two servers over 10Gbit slow

    i have got 2 the same Dell R710 servers. Both have got Server 2016 with Hyper-V role installed. And both are in a domain. I would like to use HyperV VM replication between those machines. I am using a direct 10Gbit SPF connection between them. When i use iperf it shows me an average of about...
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    [X9SRL-F] How to disable chassis intrusion

    i am using a X9SRL-F board with ESX 7. The software keeps complaining chassis intruder alert. I cannot disable this in the BIOS, i have already put a jumper on JPL1. Also cleared the alert in IPMI. Anyone an idea how to disable this alert?
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    [ESX 7.0]Internet not working anymore after VeeAM backup of PFSense

    I am running a ESX 7 server with a couple of VM's. I also use vCenter and VeeAM. Running on a SM X9SRL-F, 2690V2, 192GB and and SSD at the moment. Will transfer to synology connect by a 10Gbit Mellanox (SCSI). My problem is when i create a backup of my PFSense VM, after 20 minutes (give of...
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    [FreeNAS] 2 different disks sets 1 pool?

    I am running FreeNAS 11.3-U1. I have got 7x3TB on a Dell card flashed as a LSI 9207 and 8x4TB on another Dell card (also flashed). I would like to use all the disks in 1 Windows share. I thought i could create two vDevs (both Raidz1) in one pool, i hope i am explaining this right :) But when i...
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    Mellanox Connectx-3 supported FW version by Syno

    I am working on an ESXi 7.0 setup with shared storage (Synology FS1018). I would like to use a Mellanox Connectx-3 MCX312B-XCCT. Which is supported by Synology. According to the Synology website the supported firmware version is 2.33.5100. But the Mellanox website doesn't show this version...
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    (Problem) H200 Flashing LSI firmware + IT Mode (EFI)

    I have got two Dell H200 HBA cards, one is already in IT mode (according to the screen that passes during boot up) but since i would like to use them both in the same FreeNAS system i need to flash the other one into IT mode as well. And maybe do the other one as well to make sure they use the...
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    Newbie questions about FreeNAS

    Let me start by saying that this is my first FreeNAS installation. I am pretty tech (Windows, network etc.) savvy but FreeNAS is new to me. I really like this forum! I have read a lot but do have a couple of questions, first my setup: X9SCM-F Xeon E3-1270 32GB Kingston 120GB SSD for FreeNAS...
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    Will Samsungm 393a4k40cb2 work on Supermicro x10sra-f

    I am thinking of buying an x10sra-f and combine this board with 8x32GB Samsung m393a4k40cb2. Will this work? The memory qvl list doesn't show 32GB modules. And Google also not telling me much.