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  1. legopc

    Stacker cheap server cluster with 3 Asus Z9PH-D16's

    Been some time ago since I posted here but as of lately I have been browsing here more often and getting back into enterprise toys. I have been out for some time because work kind of sucked the joy out of things, but after some school projects I caught myself looking on eBay and the likes more...
  2. legopc

    Free 802.11AC poster

    So I just got a mail from Netscout with a link to sign up for to get a free poster on the anatomy of 802.11ac but its only for America so I cant get it :L. But seeing as a lot of guys here are from America I thought one of you might like it, so hear you go The Anatomy of 802.11ac |...
  3. legopc

    EU FS: 20x Samsung M393B5270Dh0-YH9 DDR3 ECC reg 4gb

    I recently bought 20x 4gig dimms form ebay in hopes of selling them for a profit, but then didn't really go as well as I hoped it would, so I am selling them here. From looking at the stickers on them they appear to be taken from oracle servers. Like the titel says, I have 20 Samsung...
  4. legopc

    Making vcenter high availability

    I am currently looking for a way to make vcenter highly available. Every single time vcenter has fails it has been an application error or windows shitting itself and making the VM unusable, so every time I have had to reinstall and begin from scratch. I am looking to make it HA as in one VM...
  5. legopc

    EU Intel R2208LT2 4x Xeon E5-4650

    Intel R2208LT2 Server 19" 4x Xeon E5-4650 | 32GB RAM | LSI 9271-8i | 2x450GB HDD Even though this is an auction I dont think the price will go up a whole lot seeing as not a lot of people are looking into buying a freaking 4p server, but for such a new server and such a powerfull server this is...
  6. legopc

    Some issue with VCenter groups

    We are having some issues with our VCenter server/DC server and I was wondering if anyone here would know the solution or has the same issue. We have a VCenter server with a single host that is linked to a DC server. On this VCenter server we have a bunch of folders for example: DATA ESX GAME...
  7. legopc

    EU: Dual port 10Gbps sfp+

    Dual Port 10Gbps Fiber SFP+ | eBay Seems like a good deal to me, and the previous one went for 80 euro's. If anyone is interested but doesn't live in Germany, I might be able to ship it to you.
  8. legopc

    WTB: Socket 2011 board

    I am looking for a socket 2011 motherboard single or dual socket (though I do think dual might be to expensive). I am ok with a partially broken board for example broken ipmi as long as it is still usable. I live in The Netherlands so I would prefer it if the seller is also located in the EU...
  9. legopc

    New switch

    I'm looking for a new switch that has 4-6 sfp+ ports and 24-48 gigabit ports. The rest doesn't really matter as long as it has the things I mentioned but it does have to be available in the EU.
  10. legopc

    Will a HP FlexFabric dual 10gig card work in a normal pci-e slot?

    The title basically says it all.... I just saw a HP FlexFabric 533FLR-T on Ebay for cheap, But i'm not sure if it will work in a normal computer/server. I know it has a PCI-E connector, but i'm not sure if HP changed the pin layout or if they made it so these cards only work in hp servers. Or...
  11. legopc

    WDS unattended file not working

    A friend of mine wanted me to make his WDS server so that he did not have to enter credentials every time. So i created a client unattended XML file using ADK and using a Windows Server 2012 R2 standard install image and added amd64_Microsoft-Windowns-Setup_neutral to windowsPE and then entered...
  12. legopc

    some questions about sfp modules

    I recently bought an Allnet all4708w 48-port gigabit switch with room for 4 SFP modules. But since Allnet is not exactly a known brand, how will i know what SFP modules will or will have the largest chance of being compatible with my switch. And the second SFP module does that have to be of the...
  13. legopc

    what power supply will fit in this motherboard?

    so i just found this on ebay INTEL S2600GZ4 DUAL XEON Server motherboard 24 dimm slots to768gb 4x 1Gb Ethern | eBay and they are very cheap for a dual 2011 board but i was wondering what kind of psu's would fit in there?
  14. legopc

    ebay auction - dell poweredge 2950

    you will have to be quick in order to win this one because at this moment there are still 4 hours on the clock and the price is currently 0.99 dollars Dell PowerEdge 2950 Server | eBay
  15. legopc

    sun x4150 server

    i just found what is in my opinion a good deal on a sun x4150 server for 50 euro's shipped. it comes with one e5320 2gb of memory and 1 76gb 10k hdd so i am wondering if i should buy it and i know for some of your 50 euro isnt a whole lot of money but for me it is so would you guys consider 50...
  16. legopc

    dell c6100 with adapter to atx psu

    hello, i am looking into buying a dell c6100 motherboard and using it as a workstation but the only threads i have seen about this show people using the older board which is using the 12 pin power connector but im looking into getting the one with the 18 pin power connector and getting this...