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    NVMe RAID 1 Questions

    I'm considering getting two Intel P900 NVMe drives and putting them in RAID 1. They will be connected to the motherboard (Supermicro X11SRM-VF). I'm wondering if its possible to configure NVMe drives in RAID 1/0. Does it work exactly like SATA/SAS?
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    Optimal FS/RAID for my use-case

    I have ~50TB of content. I decided I will be using a RAID6 setup. I'm wondering what the best RAID config and FS are for my use case. The server stores lots of downloadable & streamable content (videos) with an average filesize of 500MB. What would you recommend? By raid config I am also...
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    USB-C to Ethernet adapter not pushing 1000Mbps

    I have a 1Gbps fiber connection and when I use my PC or home server that are wired via Ethernet I get full speeds (up & down). But when I tried connecting my MacBook Pro to the Ethernet wire using a Anker USB C to Ethernet Adapter, Portable 1-Gigabit Network Hub I get a very jumpy connection...
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    Best hardware RAID card for massive storage server (24 HDDs)

    I'm going to build a massive storage server with 24x12TB HDDs in RAID 10. I'm curious what hardware RAID cards you recommend for such setup? For cables I am looking for ones that fan out from 1 to multiple SATA connectors. What do you suggest?
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    Where to buy low profile bracket for PCI NVMe storage?

    I'm looking for a low profile bracket that comes with the Intel PCIe NVMe SSDs. I found the part I need here: Low Profile Bracket for Intel 750 Series PCIe NVMe SSD, Gordogato's Interesting Stuff But they are sold out. Does anyone know where I can buy one like this or similar?
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    Intel Optane P4800x vs P900

    Other any other difference between the Intel Optane P4800x & P900 other than their endurance rating (20.5 vs 5.11 PBW), MTBF (1.6m vs 2m), and Enhanced Power Loss Data Protection? I also read that the P4800x has the option to change the sector size. I've also seen some benchmarks where the...
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    Branded RAM question

    Not sure if I'm posting this in the right section as I couldn't find a sub-forum for RAM. Please move it to the correct section if misplaced. I am curious about about HPE/Lenovo branded RAM. Is there actually ANYTHING different about it other than a sticker?