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    INTEL XEON E5-2660V3 2.60GHz 10 CORES SR1XR 78.50
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    pfSense on T520?

    So locally there is a 520 for $40. It seems however that most folks recommend the plus version for pfSense. How would pfSense run on the 520? The same guy also a 630 for $100 and t610 for 20 bucks. He says they all are the 4gb ram/16 gb flash memory. Anyway good deal on the 520 and should i get...
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    Error Resolving Hostname with IPMIUtil on H11SSL

    I am not able to uses IPMIUtil to ultimately control and set the fan speed on the HSF to stop the ramping Up/Down using this link from traderjay Right now I have just the Fan on the HSF...
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    Cannot Login with IPMI on H11SSL

    So i am unable to login with IPMI on the H11SSL to control the fan speed ramping up and down. Im guessing I have to reset the password but board is new or at least was supposed to be new from Amazon. Message just says Break
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    Anyone here using a Firewalla At Home?

    Just wondering if anyone has a blue or red and what they think of it...
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    [NEWEGG] Open Box Supermicro MBD-X10DAL 239.99 $239.99 New is 319.99
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    Anyone try Nemix RDIMMs?

    Brand name Hynix, Micron or Samsun are not available on Amazon in the 3200mhz RDIM variety. But Nemix Is. I have about 70 dollars on Amazon from a budget rental so i am looking at getting more ram from Amazon. I can't find much on Nemix. Anyone know anything about their ram? And i am trying to...
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    Epyc vs TR HSF Orientation

    This may be a stupid question but I notice the orientation of the CPU socket (or slot if you're The Verge) and thus the HSF on EPYC makes the Cooler an up and down orientation vs front to back on TR. Does this make any difference in terms of cooling the CPU? Or since Epyc is clocked lower than...
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    Linus Built a "Mac Pro Killer" The PC Pro

    So Linus Built this $32K Computer he calls the PC Pro - a Mac Pro Killer based around an EPYC 7502P and He used a Tyan board. Thought it might of interest to some since there are at least a few of us building EPYC Based Workstations lately.
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    Thermal paste application for EPYC - how do you do it and does the pattern make a difference

    So for AMD TR from what I understand recommends the Five Dot method for thermal paste application - this was mentioned in a GamersNexus Video. But I am curious what folks are doing for their epyc builds - dots, an x or what.....I'll be using the Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3. And does the pattern...
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    Are Tyan Boards Any Good?

    Im considering the Tyan Tomcat HX S8030 but most folks here seem to a better opinion of SM Boards. I have the H11 for Epyc 7742 Build but is worth getting the Tomcat since easy availability of the H12 and price is unknown at this point?
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    Picked Up a 2 Port IOGear KVM Switch for $4 at the thrift store

    So really excited about this find - a 2 Port IOGear KVM Switch for $4. I was just looking at getting one from Newegg yesterday for 20-30 bucks. Now 1 KB/Mouse/Monitor for the 24 bay and 36 bay boxes. If this isn't the right subforum, feel free to move, Mods.
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    Easyshucks Are On Sale Again at BB, 10 And 12TB - 169.99, 199.99
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    W10 Pro vs WS/Ent for 64 Core CPUs?

    I know the initial recommendations were that WS/Ent were needed for AMD's 64 core cpus like 3990x. But i saw over at ZDNET Maybe that It doesn't matter now that pro is fine. AMD i guess put out a statement I guess or something. Anyway do I need to install Ent which I have or Is Pro is enough...
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    [NEWEGG] Open Box Supermicro MotherBoard MBD-X11DPI-N-B $343.99 A new one is $528 from Newegg ATM.
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    64 Cores of EPYC Goodness

    New WS Build. CPU - 64 Core 7742 from this thread RAM - 3200 mhz RDIMMs - will get these off Ebay. Either 16 or 32 Gig sticks. Board - H11 SSL - Ordered from Amazon Blu Ray Ripper/Burner - Have this a LG WH14NS40 Case Carbide 270 R- I already have this - i was for another build for a video...
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    Help Me Decide - Dual Cascade Lake 8270s or 3970x Threadripper?

    I am planning my next photo and video editing workstation and am trying to decide between dual 8270s or A 3970x 32 core threadripper. Another less costly option is the 3950x. Parts wise for the dual cascade lakes I have already a X11 DAI board and a 280 GB Optane for boot Thoughts?
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    Any reason not to get HPE LT0 6 Tape drives?

    I'm thinking about messing with tape so was on Ebay looking at some HPE Tape drives LTO6. There seems to be a lot of dislike for The HPE Tape stuff over on Datahoarder/Homelab but it seems centered around access to firmware. Is there any reason to not get if i just want to use it for archiving...
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    [AMAZON] Threadripper 2950x $645
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    Newegg - Threadripper 1900X Now 169.99

    AMD 1st Gen Ryzen Threadripper 1900X 8-Core / 16 Threads 3.8 GHz Socket sTR4 180W YD190XA8AEWOF Desktop Processor - And if paid the previous 199.99 Newegg should give a 30 dollar credit in the form of e-gift card for the difference. It's Now 189.99 - ends in 6 Days