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  1. IamSpartacus

    Oracle MZWLK3T2HCJL (Samsung PM1725) Firmware?

    Does anyone know if these drives have Oracle specific firmware or if they can be flashed with stock Samsung firmware?
  2. IamSpartacus

    WTB: SuperMicro AOC-SLG3-4E4T (Quad Oculink card)

    Looking to buy the following card ASAP. I have one scheduled to arrive in 2 weeks as that seems to be the lead time directly from SuperMicro but I'd really like to get one sooner. So if anyone has this card (no the PCIe x8 version) please let me know...
  3. IamSpartacus

    Delay container startup via Docker Compose?

    I'm looking for a simple way to delay or "sleep" a container for a given amount of time via docker compose. All the solutions I've read about wait-for-it/dockerize seem overly convoluted with heathchecks, etc. I just want to delay a container a given number of seconds. Is this not possible...
  4. IamSpartacus

    Mergerfs Caching / Mover script

    Is anyone using Mergerfs with a caching (ie. two mergefs pools, one with fast storage disks as the first mount points, the second without the fast storage) that can talk a little bit about their mover script? I'm looking to store create a mergerfs pool that has a large (8TB) pool of fast disks...
  5. IamSpartacus

    Proxmox Virtio Win drivers above 10Gb?

    Is it possible to get the Virtio network drivers for Windows guests to run above 10Gb on Promxox/KVM?
  6. IamSpartacus

    Proxmox with Mellanox ConnectX-3 + Mikrotik switch (QSFP+)

    I'm trying to get my Mellanox ConnectX-3 dual 40GbE NIC (already set to Ethernet mode) to work in Proxmox but the system is showing the NICs are not active. Is there a known way to make these cards work in Proxmox? EDIT: Ok I got the NICs to show as active by setting them to auto start...
  7. IamSpartacus

    Proxmox iGPU passthrough?

    Has anyone successfully passed through their iGPU to a VM in Proxmox? Not finding much info on this.
  8. IamSpartacus

    Mikrotik 40Gb Interface Configuration - 4 ports?

    Can someone with a Mikrotik switch with 40Gb interfaces confirm for me the correct way to configure the 40Gb NIC(s)? The way the ports show up in the switch config is as follows: qsfpplus1-1 qsfpplus1-2 qsfpplus1-3 qsfpplus1-4 qsfpplus2-1 qsfpplus2-2 qsfpplus2-3 qsfpplus2-4 I'm connecting...
  9. IamSpartacus

    Looking for someone with pfSense to Mikrotik (RouterOS) link aggregation experience

    I'm having a hell of a time trying to get traffic to pass over an LACP (though I've tried other bond methods as well) bond I've setup between pfsense and my new Mikrotik CRS354-48G-4S+2Q+RM switch. If I just do a single non LAGG link between pfsense and the switch I can passed tagged VLANs...
  10. IamSpartacus

    SFP+ -> 10GbE Transceivers for Mikrotik switches

    I'm looking top pickup 1-2 transceivers to be used in a Mikrotik CRS354-48G-4S+2Q+RM switch. Does anyone know of any transceivers that work that may be cheaper than Mikrotik's own version found here?
  11. IamSpartacus

    CRS354-48P-4S+2Q+RM Fan Mod?

    I'm wondering if anyone has done a fan mod on this switch. From the STH video review it appears this switch is quite loud and I work about 10 feet away from where this switch would be located if I was to purchase it. However, I only need POE on about 4-6 ports (for now, in the future if I move...
  12. IamSpartacus

    CPU Power Connection Requirements for EPYC 7452 (155w)

    I have a AMD EPYC 7452 (155w TDP, configurable up to 180w) paired with an ASRock Rack EPYCD8 motherboard. The motherboard has both an 8 pin and 4 pin cpu power connector. I have not been able to find any definitive answers as to which CPUs (I assume based on TDP) require both the 8 and 4 pin...
  13. IamSpartacus

    ASROCK EPYCD8 - BMC Has No Dedicated Option?

    In the BIOS for my EPYCD8 I only see that the BMC is set to Failover and there is no way to change that (it's greyed out and not configurable). Is this indended? I prefer to use dedicated for my IPMI interfaces and not failover.
  14. IamSpartacus

    WTB: Oculink SFF-8611 -> SFF-8611 cables

    Looking for 6-8 of these cables. Preferably 0.5M or 1M. Or if anyone has a source for these new at a good price I'd appreciate that as well.
  15. IamSpartacus

    Anyone doing tiered caching on mergerfs?

    I'm looking to setup a new mergerfs pool of bulk storage with a tiered cache of NVMe drives in front of them. Reading through the mergerfs docs (found here) I found this passage it mentions that if using path preserving policies that you'd need to manually create the core directories of any...
  16. IamSpartacus

    [SOLD] QCT QuantaVault JB4242 24 Bay SAS3 Disk Shelf

    Heatware: (103-0-0) Payments: Paypal or Cash (if picking up) Shipping: All prices include shipping via USPS Priority/First Class w/tracking unless otherwise stated. I pack all my items well and I ship FAST (sometimes same day but almost always next day). Contact: I respond to most PMs...
  17. IamSpartacus

    5.25" Bay to multiple 2.5" (15mm) drive adapters?

    I'm looking to install some 15mm U.2 drives in a chass with 3 x 5.25" bays. I'm considering the ICY DOCK ToughArmor MB699VP-B but at $240+ right now it's a pretty outlandish price. Does anyone know of any decent 5.25" bay converts that can be used to mount multiple 15mm thick 2.5" drives...
  18. IamSpartacus

    Intel DC P3605 Firmware Update?

    I just got a pair of 1.6TB Intel DC P3605 NVMe SSDs and was looking to update the firmware. Running the Intel SSD Data Center Tool on them shows the following: - Intel SSD DC P3600 Series CVMD4503001M1P6LGN - Bootloader : 8B1B012E DevicePath : \\\\.\\PHYSICALDRIVE1 DeviceStatus : Healthy...
  19. IamSpartacus

    Anyone have experience with these Quanta Vault JB4242 Units?

    I have a bunch of QuantaVault JB424 SAS3 units that came configured as seen below. Fully configured, the units come with a second SIM, SSD Trays, and SSD fan modules as seen on the official QCT site seen below: The inside of my units look like this: I'm coming up empty trying to find...
  20. IamSpartacus

    Storage Server w/Mergerfs + Snapraid + Proxmox + ZFS??

    My plan is to test out a new storage server setup that consists of an Ubuntu Server 20.04 OS using Mergerfs to pool the drives, Snapraid for parity, Proxmox for VMs, and ZFS for the both the root file system (mirrored Optane drives) and a RAID10 vdev for a write cache/VM datastore. I've been...