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    Firewall Appliance QuadCore, 6GB RAM, PCIe - Sophos XG

    If you’re looking for 10Gb module check out the checkpoint CPAC ones. They are also compatible. I picked up a two port 10Gb module for $89 a few months back. The only downside was that it was black instead of white. I run an SG330 and it’s been fantastic.Most of these devices are all made by...
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    NVDIMM Question

    I bought these: Note that you need to rollover the pinout on one end. These come wired as straight through. So: Pin 1 to Pin 6 Pin 2 to Pin 5 Pin 3 to Pin 4 Pin 4 to Pin 3 Pin 5 to Pin 2 Pin 6 to Pin 1
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    HGST HC520 512e to 4Kn?

    I did mine on the HSGT/WD DC H310 (hus726t4tal5204).
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    HGST HC520 512e to 4Kn?

    I used HUGO for my disks. Worked very well and took maybe 60 seconds to do 8 disks. Run "hugo show" to see the disks and get the information you need. HUGO will let you do multiple disks at once with the same model number. Then, "hugo f -m...
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    EU Cisco Nexus 5020 - 40 port 10GB switch with DCB features - £99

    When you walk into our server room these things are all you hear. Above all else. And we only have two.
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    Supermicro File Index

    I've uploaded an updated file. I'll also attached the quick script I've made. Please note that you'll need to have some understanding of PowerShell. As-is it will download anything that has "X10DRH" in the name. Or you can use BeTep's one-line command. Be sure you don't save the command to a...
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    Weird Temp Behavior w/Seagate Enterprise Performance 1.2TB HDD 10K v7

    You shouldn’t be able to hold the drive in your hand for very long at those temps. How do they feel? Do you have an IR thermometer? Maybe leave a bay or two empty next to one of these drives and shoot the temperature that way. Riley
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    Supermicro Bios Password / Softlayer

    So, I just ran into this with a new server I picked-up. It's Softlayer-branded and both the IPMI and BIOS was locked. What I did was: 1) Make a bootable Ubuntu USB and boot it. 2) Use IPMICFG to reset the IPMI to defaults. There is a good article on this here...
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    Intel X710-AT2 and X710-TM4 Carlsville NICs

    We had major data corruption issues with the X710 NICs in our Hyper-V cluster. They were used for iSCSI traffic to an HP P2000 and a Pure storage array. The logs would show the servers being unable to flush caches to the VHDs and eventually they would go offline. The corruption was so bad that...
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    24 ports CAT6A patch panel

    I’ve purchased a number of monoprice panels over the years and never had an issue. If it is a bad panel then it’s probably just a fluke. Speaking of fluke... do you have a cable tester? That should tell you right away what the issue is. Even a simple wire map tester would show you as you wiggle...
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    Aruba Networks S2500 / S3500 SFP+ Compatibility

    IIRC the Aruba S2500 I had was the opposite of most other switches in regards to SFP compatibility. None of my DACs would work but few issues with optics. I could never find an unsupported transceiver command either. Riley
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    Western Digital SN750 NVME 1TB - $121.49

    Very true - everyone's use case is different.
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    Western Digital SN750 NVME 1TB - $121.49

    There also a large number of PM963s for sale around this price. With the PM963 you get PLP.
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    10G Router options

    I’ve run OPNSense, pfSense, Sophos UTM, Sophos XG, and Untangle on a Sophos SG330 box (i5-4570s, 12GB RAM, 240GB SSD). If you keep an eye open you can sometimes find them for a good price. The SG310 is a bit less powerful (i3, I think) but still has the network module spot. It’s a Caswell unit...
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    Nutanix CE

    I did. Nothing yet. Asked over in r/nutanix as well.
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    Nutanix CE

    So, I'm still playing around with this and I'm trying to overcome an issue with very slow write speeds in a VM. It looks like the VM is being throttled for writes. I can transfer data to the VM at ~650MB/s and as soon as the cache fills in the VM performance plummets to 45MB/s for the remainder...
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    Nutanix CE

    CVMs each have 32GB. This was a requirement for running dedup on the storage pools. The three files you need to look at are: /home/install/phx_iso/phoenix/ (forces LUN mode/disables passthrough) /home/install/phx_iso/phoenix/layout/modules/ (you'll need to...
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    Nutanix CE

    So, some things that I've found out.. Specs: Supermicro 4u four-node "Fat Twin". Each node: 2 x E5 2640 V2 8 x 16GB 10Gb Intel x520 LSI 3008 64GB SATA DOM for boot 2 x Samsung PM883 1.92TB 4 x 4TB HGST SAS 1) It doesn't support 4kn disks. I noticed that none of my HDDs would show, but the SSDs...
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    Can you "shuck" HP Smart Carrier Drives for use in Non-HP systems?

    FYI HP generally screws with the firmware so they don’t report full SMART data. That being said, I have a 1.92TB HP branded SSD in my desktop and it works fine.
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    Arista PSU Fan Swap

    Well, seems to work fine. I replaced both PSU fans with Noctuas and they're not too bad. I'll have to keep a close eye on it. The switch doesn't seem to mind either.. localhost(config)#sho system environment all System temperature status is: Ok...