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  1. jpk

    FS: Supermicro 2U chassis's

    Hi! I have a couple Supermicro systems and chassis's I just haven't had the time or energy to use, and I need the space right now. SOLD! Supermicro SYS-6028TP-HTR (4 node X10 boards w/ 12x 3.5" disks) - I haven't used it and everything inside looks like new, but the outside has some scuffs, so...
  2. jpk

    Supermicro 2U 4-node w/ rails - 8x E5640 (2.66Ghz), 96GB, 8x 1.5TB

    I have a 2U Supermicro twin^2 server 6026TT that I have pulled out of service and no longer need. Never had a problem with it, but I want that 2U of rack space back! :-D Each node has a H8DTT-HF which have 2x Xeon E5640 2.66Ghz and 6x samsung 1333mhz 4GB dimms (with heatsinks), and 2x 1.5TB...
  3. jpk

    Pretty cheap Dell C6220 barebones (w/ 8x HDDs) $550 + S/H

    I saw these two two Dell C6220 barebones going for $550 and reasonable-looking shipping. Looks like they have 8x 500GB SATA drives and both 1200W power supplies Dell PowerEdge C6220 Intel 8x 500GB SATA 7.2K Server | eBay dunno if anyone is still buying these, but these seem to be pretty...
  4. jpk

    Cheap Supermicro CSE-116 - 1U 10x 2.5 hot swap, redundant PS

    No affiliation, but I've had positive experiences with these sellers in the past. I believe this will only fit ATX motherboards because it has two internal 2x 2.5" drive mounts, but for the price, it seems reasonable. They offer rails for an additional $30. I bought two at $165 w/ rails & the...
  5. jpk

    Super cheap Supermicro Superserver! 1U w/ 8x 2.5" bay & X8DTL

    I am so tempted by these, but I really want/need redundant power supplies. But they are so cheap! And free shipping! SuperMicro X8DTL-3F 1U Server 1026T-M3F 8 Bay 2.5" SAS /SATA SAS113TQ PWS-562-1H
  6. jpk

    - Found - pair of fast x56xx CPUs

    I found what I need - thanks for the messages! Hi! I'm looking for a pair of x5690s, x5680s, or x5675s for a Mac Pro (I'll do the de-lidding). This is on a bit of a budget, so I'd love to get one of the following: pair of x5690s for a little over $200/ea pair of x5680s for around or under...