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  1. SDLeary

    AsrockRack x570d4i-2T

    Looks like Asrock is finally making this one official and visible (other than a placard). Anyone out there heard any peeps on when it might actually be available? This looks like it could be right up the ally for a small, relatively inexpensive home/lab server. Perhaps a review will be seen...
  2. SDLeary

    New Xeon-Ds

    Looks like Intel has or will release some new D-15xx models. All the new ones listed on ARK have an N appendage, and as far as I can tell all include QuickAssist and have higher prices. Anyone out there have any more info? Is this really the only change in 2 years? SDLeary
  3. SDLeary

    Where oh where...

    has Denverton gone, Where oh where can it be? SDLeary
  4. SDLeary

    Marvell SE9172/9230 controllers

    Looking to build a small home server, using either FreeBSD or FreeNAS. I'm on a budget, so I'm looking at the ASRockRack C2550D4I, with its copious SATA connections. I remember reading last year that the BSDs had issues with the Marvell controllers on this board, but now see that ASRock is...