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    [FS] [US-MD/VA/DC] 2*Dell R630

    Hello friend. If you are not interested, that's fine. If you are interested but want a better price, make an offer. I couldn't see any reason to poison this nice STH forum like this.
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    [FS] [US-MD/VA/DC] 2*Dell R630

    Hello, I got 2 Dell R630 off duty and would like to find them a new home. Everything is in good working condition. Local pickup only around the zip of 20850 or 20814. Let me know if you have any questions. [SOLD] Detail: 2 * used Dell PowerEdge R630 ($180 each) SFF with 8 slots Dual...
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    8 Port 10G SFP+ L3 Managed Ethernet Switch

    I have been looking for 8 port 10G SFP+ switch for a long time, while their prices were all like 140-160. I just found this item listed $140 for a long time. But now there’s an option to apply 20% coupon and also a Redeem button to save 10% with brand promotion. The final price I got is $98...
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    Proxmox on a Single Drive Errors

    New to PVE world as well, but I have more than one drives. When I create the Directory, I can only select Disk which has no partition at all. I thought the definition of a Directory here was not the same as a folder.
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    Broadcom 57810 cards - latest drivers?

    Dell might be helpful
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    [Need advice] Looking for a cheap server to replace raspberry pi 3b+

    DP to HDMI converter can be $6 or even lower if this is an obstacle. And the J5005 CPU is definitely more powerful than RPI. Anyway, there are a lot of mini PCs as well if you want to spend more.
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    What backup software for backing up physical Linux servers?

    People already mentioned rsync for backup. Rsnapshot is a good tool that wraps rsync commands to give you the backup function with version (hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/whatever).
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    [Need advice] Looking for a cheap server to replace raspberry pi 3b+

    I believe the Dell Wyse 5070 could be the choice. Got three of them to work like RPI
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    Enterprise SSD/HDD price increases :-(

    Not only HDD and SSD, memory as well...
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    Best SFP+ 10 Gbps Card?

    Have been using X520-DA2 for all machines at home, dirt cheap and had zero issue to be recognized and drived.
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    Drive cages

    This one might work too. Cheap and stackable. Phanteks - Stackable 3.5" HDD Bracket Duo Pack Cases PH-HDDKT_03,Black