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  1. bryan_v

    Minisforum MS-01 PCIe Card and RAM Compatibility Thread

    Was waiting till the full review to grab one. Definitely a viable alternative to appliance routers and 1U servers, and definitely changes the TinyMiniMicro math (Dual 10GbE without burning the PCIe slot). I didn't see any extra fan headers in any of the teardown videos - @Patrick did you find...
  2. bryan_v

    SX6036 Free Gateway License (also for HP versions?)

    Thanks @BeTeP ! As usual Nvidia support is as clear as mud.
  3. bryan_v

    SX6036 Free Gateway License (also for HP versions?)

    Apparently Nvidia made the Gateway License free for since MLXOS 3.4.3002, has anyone tried to upgrade an unlicensed SX6036 to see if this is true, and whether this applies to HP branded switches as well? I checked the HP support website, and the newest FW is from 2019 and upgrades to...
  4. bryan_v

    DIY NAS Build - CWWK J6413 + Jonsbo N2

    Very awesome Thomas! Thanks for putting the build log of this exact combo. Since you have both units on hand, if you have the time, can you check two things for me? 1) Is there any place in the chassis to mount 2x 2.5" drives? (either by design or with a drill) I was thinking of using them as...
  5. bryan_v

    UK 15.36TB Samsung PM1733 NVMe SSDs for £389.99, plus other bits from the same seller

    Oh yea that was hidden, oh well given it's PCIe Gen3, can't really do much in 30 hours. Sent the dude a msg about shipping to Canada, lets see. Ebay won't even let you checkout if your shipping address is not the EU or UK.
  6. bryan_v

    UK 15.36TB Samsung PM1733 NVMe SSDs for £389.99, plus other bits from the same seller

    Any reports on the SMART data from the drives? If these have been abused, there's no point.
  7. bryan_v

    2-Phase Immersion Cooling Halted Over Multi-Billion Dollar Health Hazard Lawsuits

    Great snippet Patrick! More of that kind of industry journalism is super appreciated. Just as valuable if not more valuable than product reviews if for the only reason that almost no one covers that beat anymore except trade magazines. (Literally the only trace of two-phase cooling on Bloomberg...
  8. bryan_v

    [FS][CAN-ON] AWS Xeon 8124M Build / 4TB P4510 SSDs / 40Gbe Switch and more...

    Finally getting around to a lab cleanout. Shipping to CAN/US included Xeon 8124M Server Timestamps - $750 USD / $980 CAD SHIPPED (Case, PSU, and feline PM not included) Intel Xeon Platinum 8124m 18c / 36t @ 3.0GHz (Xeon Platinum 8124M - Intel - WikiChip) 96 GB DDR4-2666 Low Profile ECC RDIMM...
  9. bryan_v

    Intel 8124m board compatibility

    Oh for dual CPU mobos, the Gigabyte will definitely work. Wendell @L1Techs is still running his Gigabyte 2U servers with dual 8124M. He has the model number somewhere in his post on the L1Techs forums or in his video on the 8124M.
  10. bryan_v

    Intel 8124m board compatibility

    I'm actually selling my 8124M rig (I'll post it some time tonight, or you can PM me if you're in Canada). It has an AsRock Rack EPC621D8A board which obviously supports 240W TDP CPUs. The only other board that isn't AWS OEM that's known to work is Gigabyte's C621 board. Just remember you should...
  11. bryan_v

    HP T740 Thin Client Review TinyMiniMicro with PCIe Slot

    @OriginalHutch How are you "installing" OpenWRT on the device?
  12. bryan_v

    (US- FS): Enterprise SSD/NVME/Optane drives

    The P4600 and P4800X are enough to form a proper ZFS array, an you post the S.M.A.R.T. data for the drives?
  13. bryan_v

    Inspur EIS800S Fanless Edge Server Review

    Would be an amazing for a branch router/SDN controller/security appliance if they offered it in MOQ:1 skus...
  14. bryan_v

    TP-Link TL-SH1832 Review Cheapest 24x 2.5GbE and 8x 10GbE Switch with a Catch

    It's a TL-SG3210XHP-M2. So 8x 2.5G PoE+ ports and 2x 10G SFP+ ports with a Noctua fan mod. It's powering EAP660 HD APs, which works great, however for the other 14 ports in the house, using multiple PoE switches just to get 2.5G is a little overkill. The only other option is to grab a...
  15. bryan_v

    TP-Link TL-SH1832 Review Cheapest 24x 2.5GbE and 8x 10GbE Switch with a Catch

    OMG. This is the switch I have been searching for the past 18 months but this switch is impossible to find outside of Taobao! (Spent the last 10 min trolling AliExpress) @Patrick if you or Rohit has a second, can you see if you can find the link to the AliExpress seller? Ironically, I have the...
  16. bryan_v

    HP T740 Thin Client Review TinyMiniMicro with PCIe Slot

    @zer0sum Are you using just DACs, or any SFP+ modules also?
  17. bryan_v

    HP T740 Thin Client Review TinyMiniMicro with PCIe Slot

    Need a quick sanity check ConnectX-3 temps (maybe @WANg if you still have your T740 with a CX3 installed): What temp does mget_temp_ext output from a CX3 when installed in a HP T740, without any extra fans bolted to the chassis for airflow? The MCX354 I have installed in my Lenovo m720q is...
  18. bryan_v

    [FS] 3x Wifi6 4x4 TP-Link AP with 2.5GbE PoE uplink - $175/unit

    Selling my sealed 3 TP-Link EAP660 HD Access Points. Never ended up installing them and moving to a smaller house. Price: $175 USD SHIPPED per unit (or pickup in Downtown Toronto) Power: PoE or included AC Adapter Uplink: 2.5 GbE Antennas: 4x4 Standard: 802.11ax Business/Enterprise Grade More...
  19. bryan_v

    Designing 1U/2U/3U/4U rackmount server chassis - these will be going to production - looking for input, ideas, and feedback!

    Here you go: The drawer is actually based on an earlier Netflix Open Connect appliance with a little bit of serviceability. Essentially the drawer is nothing more than a piece of sheet metal sitting on a...
  20. bryan_v

    [Update: Seller Complaints Accumulating] HGST Ultrastar He10 - 10TB @ $129.95

    Has anyone grabbed drives from the newest lot? It looks like they're sealed recertified drives now, so curious what that SMART data has to say.