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    Minisforum UM790 Pro Review Big Upgrade to a Small AMD System

    Well the timing is just perfect since i just purchased a Lenovo m75 gen2 x) altho that ws just 299, this one as a barebone is competitive price wise when i am done upgrading the Lenovo. but i might get this one also x)
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    Perfect Project TinyMiniMicro Pushing a 1L PC as a Server Concept

    Awesome content, and this is just so perfect for what i love watching! I would love to see more options with AMD based machines! #TeamRed What is the best current AMD platform in regards to price, performance and expandability. And how does it hold up to Intel options :)
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    HP Elite Mini 800 G9 Review The Top Generational HP Project TinyMiniMicro

    Im having a hard time choosing between the TMM 1L boxes vs the «NUC» style boxes from china. Looking at an AMD system. any reason to not go eith the likes of Beelink GTR6 /SER6 vs lenovo/dell/hp?