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    LGA 1700 Alder Lake "Servers"

    So as a reference point I have a i9-12900K in an ASUS Prime Z690-P with non-ECC DDR5 memory, but obviously has the standard on-die ECC that all DDR5 has. I ran dmidecode just to see what it would look like: dmidecode -t memory # dmidecode 3.3 Getting SMBIOS data from sysfs. SMBIOS 3.4.0...
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    ZFS REST API interest

    There is a decent sized ZFS community on Reddit r/zfs
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    LGA 1700 Alder Lake "Servers"

    I still haven't seen a board that I really like. I built a (temp) system around the consumer Asus Prime Z690-P and none of these new W680 boards have as good of IO options in my mind. That board has: 3x PCIe 4.0 x4 M2 (one direct from processor) 1 x PCIe 5 x16 (off processor) 1 x PCIe 4.0...
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    [SOLVED] HDMI-over-IP/HDBaseT-over-IP? Anyone can share experience?

    No, TB is ThunderBolt (or USB4 these days). But it could theoretically handle multiple monitors and USB3 connections over a single cable. I'm not aware of any products that can route over IP without compromises in both latency and/or fidelity. Just that single 4k stream I'm sending is 18...
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    [SOLVED] HDMI-over-IP/HDBaseT-over-IP? Anyone can share experience?

    I agree TB over fiber is likely the only reasonable approach for the scale you're looking at. I recently did something similar at a much smaller scale, single 4k screen at 60Hz and USB2 only accessories (keyboard, track pad, web cam, yubikey). It's working great at ~32m. Used these: For...
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    25Gbps over CAT6A?

    Why choose? Run both :). Use the cat 6a cable now but you'll have the fiber there for later when you need more speed.
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    All my data gone on OMV ZFS NAS///HELP!

    A quick reboot may help you out with the rest reseting itself.
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    All my data gone on OMV ZFS NAS///HELP!

    Sounds like something caused your ZFS volumes to become unmounted but something else wrote there. I'd try clearing out the /data directory and running the mount command again.
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    Forcing DNS Setting Possible ?

    Cloudflare (and others) supports DNS over TLS on port 853 on If that's blocked you can move to DoH (DNS over HTTPS) but I'm not sure if pfSense supports it. Cloudflare and others run that on port 443 which is almost certainly not...
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    Storage Server w/Mergerfs + Snapraid + Proxmox + ZFS??

    Having just built a 20.04 box and wanting to leverage the new ZFS root file system options built-in I'll let you know a few quick things. The root on ZFS is only available using the Desktop installer, it is not available on the Server one. You must use UEFI boot. And there is no way in the...
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    Power management for Ubuntu 18.04 Linux NAS ?

    If you have GUI installed this should do it: Suspend Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop Automatically After Inactivity | Website for Students Not sure how to set it up via cli.
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    I found NetApp was pretty easy to pick up if you have other storage experience. There are a range of NetApp products these days but I'd assume the job you reference is looking for OnTap experience which is their classical NAS/SAN offering. NetApp has a decent number of labs and simulators but...
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    How good is Ubiquiti's Security Gateway compared to Sophos UTM?

    The USG have fairly limited set of options but more and more things get added in each release. The nice thing is if you’re reasonably technical you can implement just about anything that’s supported on their much more capable Edge Routers on the USG. You need to do the configs manually then drop...
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    Best Buy WD External 8TB $139 NESN 12/07/17

    Limit is per order. I had no issue placing multiple orders, most of which are already tagged as shipped.
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    BestBuy-WD 8TB External-Limit 1 per order-$130

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    BestBuy-WD 8TB External-Limit 1 per order-$130

    FYI, these are back now at $139.99.
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    EU WTB: WD Red/Pro 3.5" NAS HDDs

    Look for the bestbuy deal on Black Friday. 8TB WD externals for $129. Inside are nice white labeled copies of the reds. Identical except for 3.3v pin feature which depending on your NAS might mean you tape a pin on each drive.
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    BestBuy-WD 8TB External-Limit 1 per order-$130

    They are white labels that seem to be identical in every way with the exception of having the 3v feature (which means depending on your situation you may need to tape a pin or use adapter to power them).
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    ZFS newbie coming from RAID needs handholding...erm advice...

    A z3 obviously gives you great redundancy. Performance wise for non-sequential stuff you wouldn’t see much more than one disks worth of performance (unless you add other cache options). Similar to hardware raid you’d get the best performance with a stripe across 4 mirrors but then you can only...
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    ZFS newbie coming from RAID needs handholding...erm advice...

    Are you looking to optimize for performance, available space, or redundancy? Likely the easiest is to throw all 8 disks into a single z2 vdev. Gives you space of 6 disks and lets 2 fail.