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    LSI RAID Controller and HBA Complete Listing Plus OEM Models

    Can you help me ? I need a very very cheap 6gb sas hba , raid not needed , just to test/use sas hdd . Thank you
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    Home Lab: 10G SFP+ vs 10G Base-T in 2017 Q3

    Netgear M4300 10G SFP+ and 10G Base-T , 8+8 or 12+12 or 24+24 port :)
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    Firmware Flash X520

    Thank you all , i had a Dell x520-2 could not flash it before i' ve read the post :) There are two types of x520-2 card , old version with small flash , new version with bigger flash. Mine is the old version call it 11G , so must use Dell 16.5 fw , because rom image boot11g.flb is 500kb...