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    SOLVED Mellanox SX6036 + LR4 Transceivers does not work

    For anyone who is puzzled by this, the command only works on newer firmware versions. 3.4.x have a lock command but no unlock, at least for me. Once I updated to 3.6.3 it appeared. Edit: Ran through the sequence on a second sx6036. Steps are: Update to at least 3.5.1006. Then in the...
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    Accoustics of MSX6036 for homelab

    SX6036 is what I was referring to. I didn't notice you asking about the 7050.
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    Accoustics of MSX6036 for homelab

    Stock it's too loud for home use. You'd hear it two rooms away. However, you can pretty easily swap out the fans for low flow noctua or similar. Actual power draw is ~35w excluding the fans, so not that much air flow is really required if you aren't using dozens of 40g ports at once.
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    EXPIRED Mellanox InfiniBand SX6018 - Switch - EMC only - $300 OBO

    I wanted 40x28mm fan on the power supplies so I tried out the Delta FFB0412HN: It fits perfectly with the existing screws, and at 6500 RPM it does not trigger any errors (in software or on the front panel). It...
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    Beware of EMC switches sold as Mellanox SX6XXX on eBay

    I had the same issue, slow CLI and very slow web interface after updating from old firmware to newer on the HP site. Factory restore fixed that problem and restored it back to being responsive. I think probably since mine was an ebay IB switch the previous owner had loaded some custom settings...
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    US MELLANOX SX6036 - $200

    Dumb question, but is there some way to route from the 10/40G side through the MGMT RJ45 interfaces? I've got a laser printer I want on the network and I am looking to eventually get rid of my old switch (currently serving only the printer).
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    US MELLANOX SX6036 - $200

    The cover on mine seems fairly stuck. Looking at the instructions I'm supposed to take out the screws (done), remove the power supplies and fan modules (done), and then pull it back (won't budge). I got a couple people over to pull on it and it seems really stuck. Is there some trick to...
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    US MELLANOX SX6036 - $200

    I'm interested in getting a QSFP+ ethernet switch with at least 5 ports to replace my SFP+ unit, so I was looking at these: Just to make sure I understand, I would need to update this with the HP firmware from the March 2012 to a newer build. Then I would...