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    Celestica Questone 2 (D3030) NOS

    So I found out it's identifying itself as x86_64_cel_questone_2_r0 I'm not even sure where to get started with this. I wish there was an OS I could just install and be done with it. I may have to just return the switch and buy something else. Such a shame. Apparently these used to be Plexxi...
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    Celestica Questone 2 (D3030) NOS

    Just tried sonic-broadcom and ONIE said it was the wrong ASIC.
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    Celestica Questone 2 (D3030) NOS

    If you go here: Hardware Compatibility List and search by ports (48x25G + 8x100G) several models come up, including: QuantaMesh T4048-IX8 Intel C2558 BCM56873 (Trident 3) 48x25G + 8x100G AMI 2.16.1242 master-201605171639 master ONL Certified Gold Feb-28-2018 AS7326-56X Intel Xeon D-1518...
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    Celestica Questone 2 (D3030) NOS

    Yes I got the switch. It has ONIE but that's it. I'll check that command result when I get home. It is definitely a D3030 2 (not 2a), which apparently someone else tried with BISDN and it did not work. I heard someone getting it to work with Cumulus, but they needed a license for it to work. I...
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    Celestica Questone 2 (D3030) NOS

    Does anyone know of any OS's that support the Questone 2 (not 2A) D3030? I can't seem to find any.
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    Aruba R1N28A is actually a Seastone DX010

    Did you ever make any progress with this?
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    Celestica Questone 2A D3030 whitebox switch

    @powerstroke, if you want to try it, just perform a web search on "bisdn linux" and the first hit will be their website at BISDN Linux. The Getting Started section should tell you how to install it. The only issue is I believe this switch is not supported by BISDN. Not sure if the FM 3180 is a...
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    Aruba R1N28A is actually a Seastone DX010

    Did you ever figure this out?
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    Celestica Questone 2A D3030 whitebox switch

    Would you mind answering a few questions for me? I recently purchased an HPE FM 3180 (R1N26A) which is apparently this exact switch. I did not receive the switch yet, so I have no idea what's running on it, but I have a feeling I will have to install something. This is my first experience with...
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    HPE R1N26A Composable Fabric FM 3180 25GbE Switch

    Anyone have experience with these? I'm eyeing a new in box one, but not sure if I need a subscription, licenses, or anything else to use it. I'm hoping to plug it in and it work out of the box. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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    DELL SFP28 S5148F-ON || Need Help Finding: P/N of -- PSU & FAN

    Did you ever find the correct part #'s for PSU and fans?
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    Looking for PSU and Fan modules for Dell S5148F-ON

    Does anyone know the part numbers or where I could purchase the PSU and Fan modules for a Dell S5148F-ON 100/25GbE switch? I can't seem to find anything online. Thanks!
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    Firmware package for Samsung SM883/MZ7KH3T8HALS

    Does anyone know which vendor the PM983 MZ1LB1T9HALS-00AFB is from or have firmware for it? I'm ready to return these things and never buy Samsung drives again. I've never had such a difficult time trying to update the firmware on something.
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    PM983 device itself not being detected by ESXi (8.0.1)

    I bought 3x MZ1LB1T9HALS PM983 drives off eBay. They are all new with zero hours. I'm trying to use these with ESXi 8. I currently have 970 Evo Plus's that work just fine, even with vSAN. VMware HCL lists minimum supported firmware for the PM983 in 8U1 as EDA7202Q. Mine came with EDA73F2Q...