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    Microsemi Adaptec / HP SmartHBA 2100-4i4e - converting HP to non-HP

    Yes, I have also tested it and it works. Previously, when I asked the question, it was because I inserted a card and it couldn't be used. Later, I confirmed that the card was broken.
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    Microsemi Adaptec / HP SmartHBA 2100-4i4e - converting HP to non-HP

    Does the HP version card can used on non-HP PC?
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    Asrock Rack D2143D8UM last EFI/BIOS and BMC/IPMI firmware files

    Hi, I got one this board. But I don't know the IPMI/BMC username and password. default admin/admin is not right. How can I get the password or change it. Thanks
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    EU [DE] Supermicro A2SDi with C3758 for 85€ (ebay-kleinanzeigen private ad)

    Found the original link, it's an auction, not a buy it now price. DE: Supermicro Mainboard MBD-A2SDI-8C-HLN4F-O Intel Atom C3758 / 25 Watt / 8 Cores | eBay
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    PCIE 3 x8 adapter for OCP 2.0 cards - $18

    Honestly, these cards are pretty cheap in China. The CX341A OCP was only $3-4 when it was cheapest (now $8). Riser cards are less than $10. There is even a website where you can make PCBs for free using open source solutions. You just need to buy some other material and solder it yourself...
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    Dual Xeon-D

    There is no chip in the BU9 slot of my board. Is that means the board can't boot?
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    Intel 8x NVMe 2.5" U.2 Hot Swap Bay - $120 seller offer

    does it support 15mm 2.5 sas drive?
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    Microserver Gen10 Plus - iLO shared port for free

    I have a question. Is it possible to make an ilo slot to m2(nvme) adapter?
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    X11SDV-4C-TP8F $449 - claims "new"

    I bought for $475 in Jan. >_<
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    Dual Xeon-D

    the RAM works fine with my other Xeon D1500 board.
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    Dual Xeon-D

    Only ECC memory works? I used non ECC memory. But it's no difference plug in RAM or not.
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    Dual Xeon-D

    Does anyone what this happened? I plug in the power cable, only the green LED and SPF LED light. FAN not works, Debug LED not display.