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    TeamViewer alternative

    I just installed a self hosted RustDesk server and tested with a couple of mobile devices clients and it worked pretty well. I've had issues with TeamViewer as well. My account got flagged as commercial use but I only ever used it to support my parents as well (2 mobile devices)... Who knows...
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    802.11be the cheap way.... <$40

    I see... it looks like one can get more ap focused devices as this one have you seen this chip set QCN-9274?
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    500 MHz Socket 7 NAS - How far can it go?

    Running the SATA card and the NIC on the same PCI bus will hurt performance... I wonder if something super exotic as an AGP to PCI adapter would improve performance to closer to 100MB/s as the AGP runs on a separated bus.
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    ASRock Rack AM5D4ID-2T BCM Review An Awesome AMD Ryzen Server Motherboard

    Very interesting board that is actually "chipset-less" if you can call that! With no B650/X670 to power I would love to know more about idle power consumption for this solution
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    802.11be the cheap way.... <$40

    Nice, thanks for the update! Regarding stability did you do any quick range testing compared to the older Intel card?
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    Mellanox connect X3 vs Connect X4

    What about ASPM support?
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    802.11be the cheap way.... <$40

    I saw your post over on the anandtech forum. Looking forward to see your experience! I am planning a wifi upgrade for next year so this is another option to explore given the crazy prices for newer APs.
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    Teamgroup NVMe SSD High Idle Power Draw

    PCIE ASPM might be disable for the drive (try lspci -vvv to check) which can forbid the CPU to enter the most deep power saving C6 state
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    Multi-NVMe (m.2, u.2) adapters that do not require bifurcation

    The pcie switch should be transparent to smart/trim/etc. I am curious though if these PLX switches support ASPM? Anybody checked?
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    Consumer PCIe Gen4 M.2 vs Enterprise U.2

    Anybody knows if those U2 nvme drives usually support ASPM?
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    Removing DIMMs from slots with only one clasp / retention clip

    It's funny Asus lists this "feature" as a good thing... I really dislike these DIMM slots
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    ConnectX3 PCIe ASPM power saving mode - unable to enable?

    My server is using an IBM ConnectX3 and it behaves the same way. The Exit Latency being listed as *unlimited* is a good tip as to why ASPM is not working with these cards... If it's unlimited that would mean the device cannot come back from the lower power state.
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    ASRock Rack BMC Fan Control?

    I have a server running with the Asrock X470D4U... What's the minimum duty cycler for these fan headers? It looks like the minimum possible duty cycle is 30%. I wish I could set lower in idle...
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    And so it begins... First AMD Ryzen AM4 server motherboard.

    Sorry, I should have mentioned it's a vanilla X470D4U, so all CPU lanes are connected to the main slots. This PCI5 should take the 4x lanes usually allocated to a M2 slot on most of regular AM4 boards. That's why my surprise. Yes, the 5750G has the same number of PCIE lanes as the regular...
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    And so it begins... First AMD Ryzen AM4 server motherboard.

    I recently added a Hynix P31 NVME drive to the system through a m2->pcie adapter and plugged the drive into slot5 which supposedly is connected to the CPU over 4x PCIE lanes. But I saw the drive would only negotiate at 2x as listed by lspci and confirmed by benchmark numbers. I suspected the...
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    Correct way of using NIC Virtual Function

    I did not try yet... But is this the proper setup? I will test soon
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    Correct way of using NIC Virtual Function

    Hi all! Last year when putting together my home server I tried to use the Mellanox CX3 Virtual Function under Proxmox. I was using the main device as the Proxmox host network interface and tried to assign the VFs to VMs but this would result in the main device losing connection while bringing...
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    And so it begins... First AMD Ryzen AM4 server motherboard.

    After some testing with my old 1700 and the new 4750G I found: - BIOS 4.20 boots with the first gen Ryzen. But the BMC video doesn't work until the SO load its driver. So, no UEFI setup/boot selection/etc over KVM. I connected a PCIE GPU and was able to enter the BIOS, set onboard video as...
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    And so it begins... First AMD Ryzen AM4 server motherboard.

    I recently updated the BIOS/BMC firmware to the latest ones (4.20/03.02.00) because I have a Ryzen 7 Pro 4750G in route to upgrade my system from a Ryzen 7 1700... Updating seemed to be successful but after restarting I see there's no video on the IMPI KVM until the OS loads... I get 5 short...
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    5GHz DFS Channels

    I am using DFS with a single Unifi nanoHD and it seems to work well. The only client that kept disconnecting was an LG OLED TV: it didn't like any DFS channels I tried. So I ended up connecting a cable to that TV and kept DFS channel running because the notebooks and phones have no problems at...