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    X9DRi and NVME drives

    We've also observed strange behavior of some of our Intel P36xx and P3700 both U2 and pcie cards on Supermicro X9 (including X9DRi-LN4F) and X10 dual socket boards where infrequently on boot they won't show in bios, or wont show in esxi hardware list, or will show in esxi hardware but wont be...
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    Crossflashing of LSI 9341-8i to LSI 9300-8i. Success (but no SMART pass through)

    What queue depth length do the H330 pcie cards identify in esxi with the stock firmware? Does the stock firmware support drive pass through? Was anyone successful in flashing the H330 to 9300-8i firmware and are their any differences or gains for the purpose of hba? Thx
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    C6100 strange issue: node different behavior in different enclosure

    What/where identifies whether a node is PIC16 or PIC18?
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    Dell C6100 XS23-TY3 2U 4-Node (8 CPU) Cloud Server

    Is there any risk in getting older nodes running older bios versions that don't recognize 5600 cpus? Or were 5600 always recognized? Thanks as I haven't found a good historical source for a list of all the firmware release notes.
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    Dell C6100 XS23-TY3 2U 4-Node (8 CPU) Cloud Server

    So any advantages to getting the 10gbe TCK99 versus the QDR IB JR3P1 if we're just going to use ethernet but like to have extra options? Is the JR3P1 going to be less performant than the TCK99 for ethernet? If that's the throughput of the TCK99 it looks to be better than a 10gbe adapter. So...
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    ReFS or Deduplication

    You should try and benchmark the options available and post the results. Also whatever you decide to stick with try to sha hash several large files for reference and verify the hashes sporadically to verify all is well.
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    ESXi 5.0.0 network performance issues

    Seeing same getcapab log messages. My pseudo-scientific testing shows the vmxnet adapter as being a little more cpu efficient but maybe slower in some repeat runs than e1000. albacona119, did you perform an in place upgrade from Solaris Express b151 to Solaris 11 b173? Or was it a clean...
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    FS WTS Supermicro SC933T-R760B Server Chassis Rack Mountable hot swap 3u

    I have several brand new in box SC933T-R760B that are extras I never used. See Patrick's review here: Asking $380 obo. Prefer local pickup near Chicago metro area but will ship at buyers cost. The...