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    Some information about HP T620 Plus Flexible Thin Client machines for network appliance builds...

    I though max RAM was 16GB? Did that limit get bumped over time? Maybe try with only 16GB?
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    IRAID: improved RAIDZ

    Sounds awesome! Could breath new life into ZFS. Do we know if it’s just theory or in the works or an ETA or anything?
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    HP EX920 M.2 1TB PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe 3D TLC NAND SSD $240

    Interesting... didn’t hear of that drive before, but it looks solid in reviews
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    Some information about HP T620 Plus Flexible Thin Client machines for network appliance builds...

    Okay, suggestions on a m.2 2280 SATA that could be used for a few VMs? Hopefully 500GB+ Or I guess it could be mSATA. I have a micron M550 (I think) 240GB mSATA, but not sure it’d be large enough, and it would be a pain to move from an existing system. I’d prefer m.2 since that is obviously...
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    Some information about HP T620 Plus Flexible Thin Client machines for network appliance builds...

    Back on topic... Anyone know if the T620 Plus m.2 slot supports NVMe? Booting or as secondary storage? I think the included SanDisk m.2 is only SATA
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    tapatalk wont login or update feeds anymore

    Totally understand that. Is there an alternative mobile app that we can use? I just like the push notifications.. much finer control for my use than getting email notifications
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    Intel Optane (32G/800P/900P) for ZFS pools and Slog on Solaris and OmniOS

    This is really interesting! Thoughts on why using multiple slog devices is only a marginal improvement over single slog? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    10Gig to Wifi slower than 1Gig to Wifi

    Are your 10gb interfaces on the same layer-2 network as the 1gb and WiFi? Jumbo packets enabled on 10g but not end-to-end, forcing fragmentation?
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    Fastest File Transfer over 40gigE.

    I’m fairly certain that If you have to run opensm for the link to come up, it means you are running the cards on Infiniband mode, not Ethernet. That means not having IPs at all on the interfaces, unless running IPoIB which doesn’t have the same performance. Passed that observation, I’m not...
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    Has anyone tried bcachefs yet?

    I’m hoping this takes off! The design, feature roadmap and performance look impressive on a cursory review
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    NVMe Storage Solution

    Hmm.. I guess it’s not such a huge statement... it just struck a chord with me somehow. I’m not sure I can quantify why. I’ll have to look around a bit. I’ve been lurking for a while and fail to recall a big discussion on FreeNAS + 40gb. I’m no fan of FreeNAS, just trying to find something...
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    NVMe Storage Solution

    Interesting... huge statement (and I don’t doubt it at the moment) So where do we go from FreeNAS? Preferably with data integrity Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    HP Microserver Gen7 (N54L) - Removing and refitting side panels?

    Good question!! I’ve got one and something broke inside it (can’t even remember what now), but I can’t even pull the motherboard out to access the PCIe slots or the SAS cable
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    e5-2660 v2 for $115 or less

    Really? Can you elaborate? I bought a couple mellanox cards from them and they were good. They sent me a replacement DAC cable (sorry for the double word) without question when I couldn’t get the ports to come up. It turned out it was my mistake too :(
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    Shared storage ideas...vSphere 6.5

    I think you found the log that tells you the problem, and you confirmed it with the iSCSI decoder ring, but yer not looking in the right place to get the details... I don’t think this is a network issue at all, IMHO. I Could be dead wrong! VMware Knowledge Base vSphere Documentation Center...
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    Shared storage ideas...vSphere 6.5

    Hmm.. I did get threads mixed up. Turns out I was thinking of your thread actually! Around post #90 of whitey's FreeNAS ZFS ZIL testing.
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    ESXI Sys Reset on Win10 Guest Shutdown

    Sorry I don't have details on the issue, but found these pretty quickly. I just wanted to give you a hint to let you know it's been seen and discussed and to suggest digging further. Old and for VMware workstation, but can easily apply to ESXI: Windows 10: Shutting down Virtual Machines...