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    US 4 Node Intel H2000 (2670s) 2U barebones $570 + shipping

    Hmm I believe these all have integrated infiniband. I happen to be very near the seller (in south Fremont) though no need for the server right now.
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    SM E5 V1/ V2 system $299 auction

    I was happy with the Quanta. Came with trays (3.5" not 2.5"), lsi raid/hba, and dual 10gbe sfp.
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    18U wall mount rack enclosure

    whats the depth?
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    Quanta 2ML Render Farm - rack, 10 dual e5-2670 and 10Gb switch $3850

    Is something wrong with Natex? I see a lot of blank product posts.
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    FT: New Oculus Rift (CV1) - GONE

    I put this on CL but I'm getting inundated with scam offers, so I thought I would try for trade here. It's new, unopened still in shipping box. Includes all standard bundled games. I'm located in SF Bay Area. Things I want: 4u LGA 2011 servers/barebones/chassis (supermicro preferred). 2u...
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    Seagate 2TB Enterprise ES.2 7200rpm $49

    This was in my Frys ad. Drive is refurb with 1yr warranty.
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    Good and cheap LGA2011 Xeon Heatsink/Fan combos

    I'm getting either one or two 3/4u supermicro (haven't decided yet on case but getting this board: X9DR3-LN4F+-). So I'll need a total of 4 for the two sets of 2670s. Do I need to go with supermicro for the board I have? I saw recommendations for the Noctua, but that costs more than the cpus...
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    CSE-836 with SAS2 Backplane

    Great deal. if this could only fit a GPU (consumer). i am planning on putting two 1080s in for rendering, but unsure on the fitment at the moment.
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    Interesting Chassis/MB for cheap E5-2670

    I think it will go at least $700.
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    NewEgg.CA - Refurbished SV843 960GB SSD

    Hmm, shows not available on the US site for me.
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    FS/FT/WTB/WTT sfbayzfs Pt 1: Systems, backplanes, controllers, expanders, mobos, procs, RAM

    Do you still have the 4u supermicro chassis (you mentioned one in another thread not sure if that is the same one here).
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    48 bay 4U storage server $599 obo

    I was looking at this chassis, they are very hard to find anywhere. I think they could fit a few supermicro boards, which was a plus for me but they couldn't easily fit some consumer gpus without modification. Looking online not many others for resale...
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    Quanta S210-X22RQ 2U LGA2011 Barebone (10Gb and LSI2008 mezzanines included)

    Accepted 1 @ $270. Please do let me know about the backplane if anyone finds out.
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    Quanta S210-X22RQ 2U LGA2011 Barebone (10Gb and LSI2008 mezzanines included)

    asked on ebay haven't gotten reply yet.
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    FS: SC815 and SC825 Supermicro barebones

    Does the 2u supermicro fit a full hight full length gpu.
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    Supermicro Chassis CSE-745 8-Bay 4U Tower Server Case

    Did it come with a backplane
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    Supermicro MBD X9DRI-LN4F+-B, Opinions?

    I found a supermicro 846 chassis for $200. Supermicro | Products | Chassis | 4U | SC846E1-R900B. Looks like that might fit the bill.
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    Supermicro MBD X9DRI-LN4F+-B, Opinions?

    Anyone familiar with this board, any major trouble? Should I look for something with C606 chipset instead? Is the form factor difficult to find a chassis for? Link: Supermicro | Products | Motherboards | Xeon® Boards | X9DRi-LN4F+ My use case is a compute/rendering server. I want to have...