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  1. reasonsandreasons

    Help me decide on homelab upgrades

    Another nice thing about LGA1700 is the PCIe 4.0x8 equivalent link to the chipset. It means the 3.0x4 slots attached to the chipset on the X13SAE are surprisingly usable, leaving 3.0x8 equivalent bandwidth for SATA and other chipset-attached devices.
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    4090 blocking PCIE slots

    For the SATA I wouldn't expect any issues; it's basically just a way of increasing port density. It's possible you might get a bum cable, of course, but that's not unique to MCIO. NVMe might be a bit dicier--what PCIe gen are your drives? My impression is that basically all well-made cabling...
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    4090 blocking PCIE slots

    The MCIO should mean that you don't need to bother with the NVMe expander at all--you can just buy a cable like this and hook two U.2 drives up to each of your MCIO ports. If you need SFF-8643--for a hot swap bay, for example--there are other cables on Aliexpress that will do that. On the SAS...
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    EXPIRED Supermicro AOC-STGF-I2S PCIe Intel X710 Dual Port 10gb SFP+ Network Card $38.55 OBO

    Notable that these are 3.0x8 cards, so you can run them without a bottleneck on a 3.0x4 link. Useful for desktop platforms or any other place you only have a x4 slot available.
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    ESXi with an Multi USB Card?

    Sonnet's Alegro Pro USB-C card does this. Eight total USB-C ports with four separate controllers connected through a x8 PCIe bridge. The product page explicitly advertises support for the scenario you're describing, too (four VMs each with a controller passed through). Quite pricy, though.
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    USB C/Thunderbolt hub

    If every system has Thunderbolt, which it sounds like they might, the Caldigit Element Hub is what you want. 4 USB-A, 4 USB-C, power delivery.
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    [JP yahoo auctions] NOT SPECIFIC DEAL switches, firewalls, etc potentially cheap, shipping from JP unknown

    For shipping, a decent option can be using a proxy like Zenmarket. Zenmarket will consolidate up to 30 days of orders into a single box for free, which usually yields savings over separate shipping (especially if you're willing to use surface transport). I bought a lot of video game hardware a...
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    QNAP TBS-h574TX Reivew E1.S and M.2 Thunderbolt 10GbE NAS

    If you need native Thunderbolt storage the OWC Express 4M2 might be a good option. I’d be interested to see if IP over Thunderbolt performs differently/better than PCIe over Thunderbolt, though, especially in the 20Gbps and up range. Might not be possible to test that with this hardware, though...
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    Who can explain me this? Xen Gold 6162 vs. Xeon Platinum 6162

    Gotcha, thanks! Must have mixed up the AMD generation numbering scheme and the Intel one.
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    Who can explain me this? Xen Gold 6162 vs. Xeon Platinum 6162

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know if these support Octane DIMMs? Could be an interesting option for playing around with those on the cheap.
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    ZFS SLOG/ZIL drives in 2023

    For the RMS-200, do standard LSI full-height brackets work?
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    Basic advice for fiber in the home?

    If you're running cables through walls, you probably want to go with OS2 single-mode duplex LC-to-LC fiber. Single mode fiber is the most adaptable format out there, and can carry signals up into the 400 Gigabit range over simple duplex cables. Multimode fiber requires cables with more fibers to...
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    $50 USD Silicom PE310G4SPI9LB-XR-LP 4x 10gbe SFP+

    I think you're looking at the X710-based card. The specs for this one quote 20.16 W in SR mode. DACs would likely push it lower, but probably not south of 15W.
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    $50 USD Silicom PE310G4SPI9LB-XR-LP 4x 10gbe SFP+

    I don't think they'd physically fit (too long), but thermals would also probably be a challenge. I think these have two Intel 82599ES controllers and a PCIe switch onboard, so the whole card is dissipating something like 20W at full tilt. The heatsink's there for a reason.
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    Dell Ultrasharp U3023E 30-inch 10-bit 100%sRGB monitor $449

    The wrinkle with macOS is that it's sorta a choice between 1x and 2x. There isn't actual intermediate UI scaling, so if you want to run a 4K panel at 2560x1440 effective it's actually rendering a 5K image and scaling it to the 4K display, which makes things a bit fuzzy. It's fine for most uses...
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    Dell Ultrasharp U3023E 30-inch 10-bit 100%sRGB monitor $449

    If you're using a Mac, these are also particularly desirable because they're in the 100-120 PPI range you need for proper 1x scaling. Nearly all monitors of this size are 4K, which is in the 120-200 PPI no man's land where 1x is too small and 2x is too big. These weren't available when I was...
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    Need help for 25 or 40gbit/s setup in Switzerland

    You can do that, but it's a bit more complicated. You'd end up with a Local Area Network/Storage Area Network (LAN/SAN) setup. The big thing you'd need to remember is that you need to do different IP ranges for both. To keep it simple I'd use something like a subnet of for the LAN...
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    N5105 Tipton box as opnsense firewall & switch.

    If you're only concerned about access between the devices and the internet, it'll be fine and will give you access to greater-than-1G speeds to the internet. You'd just put every port on a different subnet, which might be desirable for isolating things. If you're routing between devices you'll...
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    Server "closet" in small apartment?

    It's not fully enclosed, but I use a 1x4 Ikea Kallax unit for this in my Chicago apartment. You're stuck with front-to-back airflow and have to manage cables, but there are an assortment of inserts you can hack to do things like conceal a power strip in the bottom cubby. They do come with wall...
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    Is ECC still considered an absolute must with ZFS/BRTFS?

    This question always gets muddled because there's two points competing: ZFS does not uniquely require ECC more than any other filesystem; the "scrub of death" scenario is basically bunk. Generally speaking, people who run ZFS and deal with its quirks (especially around expansion) are very...