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    EU Too good to be true? Getic - Mikrotik CRS510 for £651

    They were previously named EuroDK, I've purchased from them and got friends and colleagues who have purchased from them and I have not heard anything but positive about them.
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    MICRON 1100 2TB 6G SFF for $59

    Is putting the smart data / life remaining of the disks in the description on ebay a thing of the past? Or is it just that easy for buyers to do a Paypal claim in case the disks are worn out?
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    4TB PCIe SSD $150 - Good deal or waste of money? Manufacturer: RazorBack?

    Not able to find much info on these but found some hints that suggest these are made by Toshiba. COO-TW 1030556-03 ASSY , RAZORBACK PCIE X 8 , 4096GB ETLC , 2048GB SCREENED 3D BICS G3 ODP , 1.8V , TOSHIBA , REV B1 CONTROL Assy, Razorback Pcie X 8, 4096gb Etlc, 0.3.14 Canary, 2048gb Screened...
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    EXPIRED Best SSD deal you will get in 2022, 7.68TB NVMe U.2 HGST 328** USD

    Did the price just jump from 328$ to 385$ or did the seller accept an offer for 328$?
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    Sweet little Mini ITX MB combo

    Think these will take a Xeon?
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    4TB seagate ST4000DM005 on amazon @79.99

    You can get the ST4000DMZ04/DM004 for 75$
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    4TB seagate ST4000DM005 on amazon @79.99

    Is the m005 smr too? The article doesn't list it and seagate website doesn't really specify... Unless all their barracuda drives are smr
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    4TB seagate ST4000DM005 on amazon @79.99

    Quite a price drop according to camelcamelcamel
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    Anyone familiar with the ebay seller greenteksolutions?

    Never ran into this issue before and I've been using this bank for a few years now, so that made me a bit worried. I reached out the "main" account and asked them to clarify and they confirmed that they own all of the accounts and that there is no need to be alarmed. Still not exactly sure what...
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    Anyone familiar with the ebay seller greenteksolutions?

    Sure, links to the profiles I found are the following:
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    Anyone familiar with the ebay seller greenteksolutions?

    Is anyone here familiar with the seller greenteksolutions on ebay? The reason why I ask is that I got a great deal on some hardware from them, but when I tried to check out my card refused to go through and upon calling my bank I got the explanation that their automatic fraud protection system...
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    AXXRMM4LITE2 backwards compatibility?

    I know this is an old thread, but in case someone comes across it via google (as I did) then here's the exact quote from Intel confirming that the RMM4LITE and RMM4LITE2 are compatible. Taken from:
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    Mellanox IS5022 InfiniBand Switch 8 ports managed - QDR

    The IS5022 is NOT a managed switch! And tbh this is not a good deal, you can usually get these at ~120usd or even lower.... For 50$ you can get the 36 port version! MELLANOX IS5024 36 Port QDR Infiniband Switch | eBay
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    Nvidia Tesla M40 - 115$ with free shipping

    Well duh, for recovering that precious password you lost :D
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    Nvidia Tesla M40 - 115$ with free shipping

    Seems like a decent deal, although I'm not sure what projects would be best suited for these cards, they have limited codec support so they might not be good for video but perhaps a good card for a hashcat setup...
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    Quadro P400 @ $50

    Dangit someone snatched the rest while I was in the middle of a checkout
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    eBay - 16GB PC3-10600 DDR3-1333MHz ECC REG RAM (IBM, Lot of 8) $90

    Clearly with removed heat spreaders, wouldn't have notches on top otherwise
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    ODROID H2+ available

    With those realtek nics I don't agree that it's perfect for a firewall... At least not on a Linux or bsd based one...
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    2x Broken Intel DC P4320 series 8TB - 500$

    Hmm yeah didn't notice they were engineering samples... And didn't know intel did that with SSD's too