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    [US-MI] [WTB] intel p5800x 400gb

    The big difference is the read/write speeds, but if I get two 905p's and put them in a sonnet fusion 2x u.2 pcie card, then i can run them in raid 0 and pretend I have a 1tb p5800x, for the price of.... a 400gb p5800x, or for about $400 more, a 800gb p5800x
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    [US-MI] [WTB] intel p5800x 400gb

    You know what, maybe youre right. maybe one day ill afford the 1.6 or 3.2 p5800x or whatever the best one is in the future, for now though the 905p looks like a solid upgrade based on your recommendation. Im coming from a samsung m.2 980 pro
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    [US-MI] [WTB] intel p5800x 400gb

    Ive been wanting one for a PC build for 3 years now, and id really like to get my hands on one to get that much more out of windows and gta load times. If anyone would sell me one at a slightly lower than market rate, I would be ever grateful.
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    old-thread. Re-posted

    I asked UniFi employees on discord, its not restricted. The usb port is for serial console, you can reflash this unit via that port. The ULS-RPS power connector is compatible across all newer unifi smartpower cables. @noscoe30 Check yourself before you spread misinformation.
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    old-thread. Re-posted

    And what happened to the UniFi EA program? Its over. This tag was only relevant when purchased under EA before the final revision was released to the public.
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    old-thread. Re-posted

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    [WTB] [US-MI] 6x 1tb TLC Datacenter SSD's, 4x 3.2-6.4tb U.2 NVMe SSDs

    I am kitting out my R730xd and I would like to inquire to purchase 6x 1tb datacenter grade SSD's, eg. Micron 5200 Pro Aswell as 4x 3.2, or 3.84, or 6.4TB u.2 SSD's such as anything from the P4xxx lineup or Micron, or Samsung. Thank you
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    [US][FS] Dell R730xd 24x2.5", dual 2667v4 + extras

    this is a really good deal. Im tempted to get this as a second R730xd and upgrade to 2x 2690v4's
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    FS: 13900KS, Z690, WRX80, 4070Ti, DDR5-6000, PSU, 4TB, 8TB, 360mm AIO

    Holy heck. I didnt even know they made 3.2tb p5800x's. Mannn I just want an 800gb 1$/gb one :smoge:
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    FS [US-MI] [H] 4x Dell 3080 oem GPU's [W] Paypal, local cash

    Got 4x dell 3080 video cards pulled from prebuilts from liquidation lots (pictures and performance benchmarks attached below) Asking $375 per card, I will ship via FedEx Overnight or 2Day for free. Payment: Paypal goods and services. Feel free to send me an offer if you want to take away more...
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    AU [FS]Supermicro SYS-1029U-TRTP, Nvidia T4 - Price drop

    Im interested. ill keep a tab on this
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    4TB Samsung 2.5-in SSD (SATA & NVMe) for sale

    @TrumanHW Remaining drive health on the u.2 drives? Are you open to offers?
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    WTB: Nvidia P40 24GB

    I'm building out a 14th gen dell power edge and need hardware. I'm ready to pay the same day. PayPal Goods and Services. I will provide shipping labels for all items I purchased. I'm looking to purchase the following items around their respective price. 6x Nvidia P40 24GB GPU's Looking to pay...
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    [FS][US-CA] Clearing out new & used Supermicro 1U systems, ships worldwide

    I bought from zac1 4 sticks of 2666 memory. He made sure to validate the RAM before shipping and sent me screenshots of memtest's. He packaged the ram extremely safely in a box bigger than It should have been, and I he covered the package shipping cost with FedEx Priority Overnight. If he is...
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    [SOLVED!!! Wrong SBR file] SAS3Flsh.exe shows "ERROR: Failed to initialize PAL" when trying to flash LSI 3008 card with IT-Mode firmware

    I did not save the original SBR. Sorry. If you are in need of it, this is the card I got from ebay, for 100$
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    Looking for a QSFP 40G Layer 3 switch, without license problems.

    Its not pirating. I paid for the hardware. Im not a multi million dollar corporation that can pay exorbitant prices for software unlocks, im a college student with a home lab learning this stuff. So pardon me while I actually get things done.