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    Lenovo X710 flashing with Dell Firmware?

    Yes, the 3 I checked. I took the firmware files and the hand crafted `nvmupdate.cfg` and tried flashing them with `nvmupdate` from the Lenovo package and the generic Intel package. Neither Dell, Lenovo, nor generic allowed it to happen.
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    Which vGPU Capable Card in 2024?

    HI, I am looking to play with a GPU that's capable of supporting multiple virtual desktops. Looks like Nvidia vGPU is the way to go, but there seems to be licensing or unlocking involved and proprietary Nvidia driver. Are there any other alternatives that enable sharing a GPU with multiple...
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    Lenovo X710 flashing with Dell Firmware?

    I suppose I could try flashing a card to generic firmware. I did not proceed with attempting that as that wasn't my goal, Dell firmware was. When I look at one set of instructions to flash the generic firmware, it instructs to craft a `nvmupdate.cfg` file such as this: CURRENT FAMILY: 1.0.0...
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    Lenovo X710 flashing with Dell Firmware?

    I am using Dell servers, that's why I'd prefer to run Dell firmware rather than generic firmware or some other branded firmware. If a Dell servers Dirac cannot read the cards temperature sensor, the fans are turned up to 100%. This results in unacceptable noise levels. There is an Dirac...
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    Lenovo X710 flashing with Dell Firmware?

    It seems converting Dell or Intel branded to generic is much more common. I found several guides, these were the most helpful: Crossflashing Intel official firmware on Dell / Lenovo PCIe X710-DA2 nics? X710 OEM crossflash...
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    Reducing fan noise on a Lenovo SR550

    Is there any hope to reduce the fan noise of a Lenovo SR550? I have various Dell servers and some of their rack servers are whisper quiet (R730/R730), that SR550 is a rocket ship by noise level in comparison.
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    Lenovo X710 flashing with Dell Firmware?

    I've read the forum posts and other resources on flashing branded X710 cards with generic Intel firmware. I have a different "problem". I have a Lenovo X710-DA4 SFP+ card which I'd like to use in a Dell rack server. However, Dell in their infinite wisdom ramps up fan speed to 100% when a...
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    Updating the HGST HDD & SSD firmware

    Is there firmware that can be flashed to the HUS723020ALS640 to enable write cache permanently?