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    Arista - lock down SSH access ?

    did you forget to do a write mem?
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    Arista - lock down SSH access ?

    to limit ssh access to the swtich you need a change the control plane ACL Arista Community
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    Cheap 40GbE at home - too good to be true?

    We use a ton of 40gb links in the datacenter, switches, optices and nics are all cheap. Also so far we have found any port that will do 100gb it all also do 40gb.
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    Custom rack for OCP connection

    no idea unfortunately. I have not worked with any OCP racks before.
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    Custom rack for OCP connection

    It seems that those servers dont take AC power. There would be a power shelf in the rack that would take AC power and change it to DC power. The bus bars looks like they would be DC power.
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    Quick sanity check - QSFP+ transceivers and cabling

    It looks like you are only trying to 2 meter, check this out it would be even cheaper.
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    SMTP Emailing in 2024

    I run postfix on linux, I have no idea what the windows options are.
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    SMTP Emailing in 2024

    What we do is run a smtp relay inside the network with no auth if coming from the allowed IPs. From there it is authed and sent on to office 365 to the users.
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    Best Approach to Cheap Distributed NVMe?

    @rich0 fancy seeing you here haha. Welcome
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    ARISTA DCS-7050SX-64 R going for US$125.00 | EBay

    I am told by one vendor that is the lack of PSU that have push the prices so high.
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    Ceph bug leads to slow write speed and latency

    This was posted to the github page and ceph mailing list. This bug affects all Debian/Ubuntu distros using the packages from repo. This does affect proxmox. With the patch people are seeing 3-5x increase in both write speed and latency. The Ceph team has said they will backport this patch all...
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    WTB bulk Quadro P2000 5GB

    Anyone got a USA based source to buy from 20x of those gpu that does not involve 20x sellers on ebay.
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    Inside the Secret Data Center at the Heart of the San Francisco 49ers Levis Stadium

    You dont think the site like that does have 100gb uplinks? This week I just installed 2x 100gb (part of a ring) to a apartment building in ATL. We have dark fiber to the building. The optics was less than $10K for both links and the switch is an airsta 100gb uplink switch for $2k.
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    Inside the Secret Data Center at the Heart of the San Francisco 49ers Levis Stadium

    IF the government was tied into camera system I dont think they would anything but a router/switch and pipe back to a government owned datacenter. You can supply the realtime feed from many cameras on a single 100gb link.
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    Storage Crypto ?

    To pump up the whole crypto idea is my guess. ponzi scheme needs to keep finding new victims to hold off collapse.
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    Storage Crypto ?

    The chatGPT powered bots really seems to like this thread
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    Proxmox & CEPH

    Yes you can do the same thing with ceph. Set those two flags on the host that is about to reboot. remove flags after host is back online.
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    Big Multigig (2.5 / 5 / 10) PoE++ with QSFP+ / QSFP28 switches

    Cisco C9300-48UXM with C9300-NM-2Y uplink module? between swtich and uplink module like $1600 on ebay.
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    Server for 2-4 NVMe for Ceph

    Dell r630 supports NVMe on some of the 2.5drive slots.