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    What chassis or server do you guys recommend for my backup server?

    I know it's been a while but a while back I picked up a bunch of Compellent SC-040 chassis(which are SC836TQ chassis) a while back for dirt cheap and scrapped the internals. I only buy supermicro chassis these days because of parts availability and the redundant power supply units are easy to...
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    960GB SSD for $219

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    Intel Xeon E5-2670 Deal and Price Tracking

    What expansion cards are compatible with the mezzanine-looking slot on those boards?
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    X9DRI-LN4F+ for $225 OBO + $19 Shipping

    How much did you get them for?
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    MrRackables ZT 2U E5 V1 servers?

    They don't always do that though. It really depends on the chassis and their quantity.
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    Intel Xeon E5-2670 Deal and Price Tracking

    what boards did you get, just curious
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    FS: Dell PERC H700 with BBU and 1GB NV Cache

    No sir, thanks for the interest though.
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    Intel Xeon E5-2670 Deal and Price Tracking

    I'm not sure you'll see any significant power consumption deltas between the two chips at idle or even at load depending on what you'll be doing with them. The 2670 can be had for 90/ea as well. Anyone care to chime in? I'd be curious if the difference is significant any.
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    Supermicro 216 Chassis with Dual PWS-501p-1R PSU's

    Could a 500W power 2 E5-2670 cpus, 16 hard drives, 2-4 SSDs, and 12 DDR3 ECC RDIMMs?
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    CoolerMaster Cosmos II $248 on TigerDirect

    it's a pretty sweet case. like for aesthetics alone it's nice, the brushed aluminum panels are pretty sick. but it doesn't have a window so it's not something i'd buy.
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    Intel Xeon E5-2670 Deal and Price Tracking

    Well first you linked a 2011 v3 board and second he probably is referring to the placement of the cpu socket behind the pcie slots.
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    Intel Xeon E5-2670 Deal and Price Tracking

    Oh GAWD. I just bought 8. If only I hadn't of wimped out on those 4 Gigabyte LGA2011 boards a couple months back. esisoinc accepted 90/ea. Not a great deal but not bad. On another topic, it's great that these are coming down in price, but barebones Dell and HP servers that accept LGA 2011 chips...
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    Smoking hot deal: Quanta LB6M 24-port SFP+ 10GbE $500 BO

    It's worth noting that people are buying these at the asking price, it's not likely for the seller to go much lower than 500.
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    Smoking hot deal: Quanta LB6M 24-port SFP+ 10GbE $500 BO

    I wonder if it's worth "down-grading" from my infiniband switch to this, the switch is pretty toasty and just plain loud. Someone said these can be modded to be quiet? What kind of decibel levels are we talking? I don't even really see more than 12 Gbps throughput using iperf anyway with...
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    Intel 400GB S3700 SSD $179.10

    what do people do with these random 400gb drives, i'm hoping they're going into 24+ bay chassis?
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    Ebay Aruba S2500-24P-4x10G POE $249 (auction 4hrs left)

    t_minus, did you win that?
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    WD4000FYYZ WD RE SATA $119

    My thoughts exactly...120 bucks is too much to spend on a refurb drive when you can get drives with warranties/same capacity for the same price...
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    6 Months of Free Pluralsight provided by Microsoft

    Got in on it, thanks! Anyone know if these courses are enough to prepare you for MCSE exams or should they be combined with books and other material?
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    WD4001FYYG 4TB SAS 7.2K $99 FS

    It's a good price but I'm not that excited about it. I doubt these are OEM drives but the warranty is likely close to only having 2 remaining years. Most of my spinners from fleabay are 2 TB enterprise drives where I always check the pics for the manufacturing date, all purchased for 40-45...
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    SOLD: FS: C6100 96gb ram, L5520 XS23-TY3

    Is the BIOS and BMC firmware able to be updated on this? It would be necessary to use 6 core cpus.